Wellington Boots

Meet your perfect everyday lifestyle wellington boots. Made for the Merry times, rain or shine, these wellingtons are a favourite among men and women! With 15,000+ 5 star reviews, read why our customers think we have designed the best ankle rain boots.

The Bobbi Wellington Boots are available in an array of colours to match your unique style and all your fashion accessories! We offer a core collection of Alpine Green, Beetroot Red, Mustard Yellow, Oxford Blue, and a chic all Black boots, that are available year-round*. We also offer limited seasonal welly boots like Orange & Pomegranate, Aqua Blue and Pear Green. *As our long-time Merry People community knows - these core colours are super popular for men and women and sometimes sell out but we do our best to quickly restock our wellingtons for you!

The timeless design and fun colours of our wellington boot allow them to pair perfectly with many fashions, accessories and clothing styles. You can wear your short rain boots with jeans in the garden, sport your boots as you bike around town, or style your ankle rubber boots with a boho mini skirt at a festival. Men and women wear their boots with jackets, flannel shirts, and accessories. You can wear your boots with all your favourite clothing items. Don’t believe us - check out our Instagram to see the many fun ways our community styles their wellingtons from country to city and everywhere in between!

Built with natural rubber, lined with 4mm of neoprene, and packaged in a classic Chelsea boot design, the Merry People Welly boot elevates the humble ankle rubber boot from a practical necessity to an everyday classic. Men and women love their wellies for getting outdoors. By seamlessly merging fashion and function, our Wellington boot is ready for all your favourite adventures.

Shop our collection of short Wellington boots that come in a variety of sizes and colours, such as Black, Alpine Green, Beetroot Red, Oxford Blue and Mustard Yellow.
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Underlying the beautiful design, the Merry People original wellington boot is underpinned with functional credibility. For the exterior, our wildly popular wellington boots are built with natural rubber outer and sole. The weatherproofing capabilities of our natural rubber wellingtons will keep you dry year-round for all your outdoor adventures - be it a wet, wintery commute, morning walks on damp spring days, planting your autumn harvest in the garden, or when you get those summer rains while camping.

Inside, our wellies are fully lined with 4mm of neoprene, the same material used in wetsuits. This unique feature makes the Merry People Wellies comfortable and cushioned from heel to toe. The neoprene also serves to keep you warm and cozy in winter and allows our rain boots to be rated for below-freezing temperatures. Since all waterproof boots can be a bit toasty in the UK summers months, we recommend pairing your wellies with natural fibre socks to make them a bit lighter and breathable.

With front and back pull tabs, our short Wellington boots are easy to slide on and off. Our boots also include a removable insole to allow for more cushion, or to create a bit more space for orthotics, bunions, or a wider foot.

Did we mention our boots are cruelty-free and certified vegan?

Come discover the Merry People difference with our best-selling Wellies!
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Besides being a fashionable everyday ankle boot, there are many parts and features that make our best-selling Wellies shine.
  • 100% waterproof rubber boots.
  • Built-in arch support for all-day comfort.
  • Enhanced traction sole providing added grip and support.
  • Removable insole to accommodate orthotics, bunions, and wider feet.
  • Pull tabs, combined with flexible neoprene details, allows the Wellies to slip on and off with ease.
  • 100% Vegan, not made from any animal products, or tested on animals.
  • Easy to clean and keep looking fresh for daily adventures!
  • High-quality at a great price.

Please note, the Merry People short rain boots have been designed to be a lifestyle boot, and not as safety wellies. They have not been designed as work safety or snow boots. i.e. they do not have any non-slip accreditations or steel caps. If you are wearing your boots in slippery situations, we recommend treating them with traction spray

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Merry People Wellies come in a variety of sizes. Our wellie boots are designed to be a standard width B and fit true to size using European (EU) sizing converted to UK sizing.

If you are a half size, we recommend sizing down, e.g., if you wear a 5.5, buy a 5. The initial fit should be snug for men and women as the natural rubber will soften with wear. If you are uncertain about your boot size, we recommend measuring your foot the inner sole of a favourite shoe, then comparing those measurements to the ones on our handy size chart, available here . You can also look at each review for more info and to see what size the reviewers recommend.

Being fabricated with natural materials means our boots will soften and stretch with wear. If they feel a bit too snug at first, we recommend removing the inner sole for the first few days to help with the fit, and you may find that after a few days of wear the boots will have relaxed and you can pop the inner sole back into place. And don’t worry if you need to keep the inner sole out; our wellies are built with arch support and cushioning in the main sole ensuring your comfort! We often get asked if our ankle rain boots fit wide feet or if you can stretch your rubber boots. The short answer is yes! The natural outer rubber of our ankle boots will soften to allow for wider feet or bunions. Similarly, the inner neoprene lining has similar properties to memory foam and it will soften, stretch, and mould to your feet over time.

If, however, the fit doesn’t feel right, you can always return the boots to us for an exchange size or a full refund.
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  • Do I need to wear socks with my wellies?
  • With a cushy neoprene lining, socks are not necessary but we do recommend wearing them. It will make it easier to get your boots on and off, plus it is also super cute to style your boots with a flashy pair of socks! For some inspiration on the many ways to wear socks and other accessories with your wellies, check out our Merry People socks and wellies blog.
  • Can I wear ankle boots in the snow?
  • Yes you sure can! Our boots have been tested for sub-zero temperatures keeping your toes dry and toasty-warm during the UK winters.
  • Are your rain boots comfortable?
  • Our wellington boot is built with arch support in the sole and a cushy neoprene lining.
  • Can I put orthotics inside the rain boots?
  • Yes, the inner sole inside the boot can be removed and replaced with your orthotics. If it still doesn't feel right, you can always return the boots to us for a full refund.
  • Are Merry People Wellington boots non-slip? Can I wear them to work?
  • Merry People boots are not non-slip rated and do not have any work-safe accreditations. We have not designed the boots for work environments, as they intended to be worn as a fashionable waterproof and lifestyle wellie boot.
  • Should rain boots be one size bigger?
  • No, we recommend the inner sole of the boot to be around the same length as your foot (no less). The neoprene lining around your foot will soften over time. We suggest you go with your standard shoe size (don't order bigger for socks.) If you wear thick socks, then measure your foot wearing the thicker socks.
  • What are your wellies made of?
  • The Wellington ankle boot is made using natural rubber and lined with neoprene, making them 100% waterproof. To learn more about what makes natural rubber so special, please visit ourMerry People Wellie Boots Blog.
  • Where can I get your rain boots?
  • You can shop directly from us online with free UK shipping.
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Once you place an order, it is sent to our UK warehouse and they will process your order within one business day. That said, our warehouse is pretty speedy and keen to get our boots on your feet, so same day dispatch is available for orders placed prior to 12:00 pm, Monday to Friday. For orders placed on the weekend, they will be processed on the next business day.
For UK orders, we offer free standard ground shipping. Once your wellies are with the carrier, standard shipping can take 2-4 business days. If you need to start your next adventure ASAP, we also offer Express Shipping. This will get your boots to you within 2 business days.
For some of our seasonal colours in the Bobbi wellington boots, we ship these from our Australian warehouse. This will be mentioned in the product description. Shipping is free including duties and is sent with DHL International Express which takes 4 - 7 days once processed.
We want you to be in love with your new Merry People Wellington boots! If the size isn't quite right or if you’re not happy (for whatever reason), please let us know and we can offer you an exchange or full refund within 30 days of the sale.
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Read why 15,000+ customers have given our boots 5 stars.

4.8/5.0 (15,028 reviews)

"My yellow pair bring joy to my soul every time I wear them."

"I was pleasantly surprised at how COMFORTABLE they are!"

"These boots were made for walking and much more."

"These 100% waterproof ankle boots keep racking up the rave reviews and it's clear why."