The Best Socks to Wear with your Rain Boots!

Gumboots & Socks
Do You Wear Socks With Rain Boots??

This is a question we hear all the time and the answer is - it's up to you!  Our wellies are lined with neoprene to make them soft and cushy inside so socks are not required for comfort; however, wearing socks can make it a bit easier to slip the rain boots on and off.  

But wearing socks with your rain boots is more than about practical needs - its also about fashion! While any old sock will work for comfort, we find that pairing up a cute sock with your Bobbi rain boots is a quick and easy way to add personality to your outfit. The right sock can tone down a printed dress and your Bobbi Rain Boots in Beetroot, or act as a color bridge to marry your Bobbi Rain Boots in Pear Green with the rest of your outfit.  

To help inspire your gumboot and sock personal style, we have rounded up some of our favourite gumboot and sock pairings! We’ve also included a list of some of our favourites spots to shop excellent socks to spruce up any outfit.

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Lindner is an Australian family-owned sock company with heritage credibility.  They started in a small town in Germany in 1921, then re-established the brand in Australia in 1987.  You can read more about their history here.  Besides having a cool brand story, they also make very high-quality socks to wear with all your gumboots! Their merino wool socks are knitted using traditional techniques by 10th generation sock makers. The breathability of natural fibres make these the perfect everyday sock to wear year-round with your everyday Bobbi rain boots!

Linder Socks & Bobbi Beetroot

If you prefer a bit of fun -- but not too much fun -- with your socks, we love the idea of adding a little detail at the top to peek out of your ankle boots.  Like these easy ones socks from Sportsgirl, worn with our classic Bobbi Black, that allow you to celebrate Earth Day everyday!

Sportsgirl & Bobbi

These floral beauties are from French label Bonne Maison and with the mix of colours are great for connecting the colour of your Bobbi wellies to the rest of the outfit. They are also a thin weave and great for wearing with your Bobbi ankle boots on warmer days.  Shop these ones with our stockist Morris et al in Healesville, Victoria.  (And find more of our stockists here.)

Floral socks + Earthy Brown


We love how shimmery Lurex socks pair with our Bobbi Rain Boots in Mustard Yellow & Black and our Bobbi Wellies in Alpine Green & Black! In both cases, the Lurex helps elevate our gumboots into a dressier shoe, perfect for any festivity!

Mustard Boots & Lurex



Men need good socks too!! These easy everyday socks are from AS Colour and come in a few different colorways. You can read more about the many ways for men to wear and enjoy our Bobbi rain boot in our handy Men's Style Guide.

AS Color socks

Posisocks is a new label from Australian Rules Football player Trent Cotchin and his wife Brooke. Posisocks is all about spreading positivity and good vibes - a message we can get behind!!  

Posisocks + Bobbi Alpine


We love this twinning between socks and our Bobbi Rain Boots in Mustard Yellow



Socks are perfect for bridging the gap between boot color and outfit!   




Bonus Sock Shopping List!

Kind Organics is a Black-owned sustainable brand using GOTS-certified organic cotton and making super colorful and happy socks!

Harvest & Mill's organic cotton socks are grown and sewn in the US. 

Similarly, zkano organic cotton socks are produced at a small family-owned sock mill in Fort Payne, Alabama

Bombas partners with charities to donate one pair of socks for every pair sold! Besides being bold and bright, they are also quite technical - with excellent socks for running, pilates, and everything in between. 

Lastly, for the avid sock fans, check out these great subscriptions for regular sock supply: 

Say It With A Sock: expect fun, quirky, sometimes irreverent socks!

Southern Scholar: with a 200 needle count weave, these dress socks are smooth, high-quality stunners for all day. 

Spiffy Socks Club: eco-friendly bamboo socks, delivered monthly



Stay Merry everyone! xx

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