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Where To Buy Wellies - Merry People UK

Choosing where to buy wellies might seem obvious if you need a basic wellington boot for occasional use.

Yet, there is a world of difference between the best wellington boots for walking and the best garden wellies for heavy-duty work!

Here the Merry People team runs through our wellie boot buying guide to help you pick the best waterproof boots for your outdoor pursuits.

General Purpose Wellies Vs. Wellie Boot Specialists

A decent pair of durable wellies are an absolute must if you spend any time walking to and from work or school, exercising your dog, gardening, or doing anything outdoors where wet feet aren't ideal.

You can pick up some general boots from any outdoor retailer. 

Still, these footwear items are typically made from low-quality materials and designed for irregular use rather than continued outdoor walking.

Let's consider some of the red flags of wellies not worth investing in:

  • Thin, inflexible rubber or insoles: stiff, uncomfortable boots are brutal to put on, harsh on your feet, and often cause blisters or rubbing.
  • A poor fit: many everyday wellies lack design features such as arch support, which can cause health issues and back problems.
  • Lack of insulation: while your feet might be damp-free, basic wellies tend to have no inner lining, which means you'll quickly experience the cold, especially if you're walking in wet conditions.

Specialist wellies aren't only better made, comfier, and more supportive. They also consist of natural materials that will last for years to come—offering excellent value for money!

How To Choose The Right Wellies

Wellie boot requirements vary depending on how much time you spend outdoors and which activities expose you to the elements.

There are three distinct categories of weatherproof boot:

  • Everyday wellies: simple, low-cost boots for occasional use, made to keep the water away if you have a rainy day walk now and then.
  • Work wellies: hard-working boots created for agricultural or industrial use, often with toe caps and chemical resistance for business environments.
  • Statement wellies: iconic styles, colours, and features to take care of your foot health while looking the part.

Merry People wellies fall firmly into the third category, with attention to detail in every shade, material choice, and design inspiration.

We make outdoor boots that combine practicality with comfort, warmth with style and look fabulous in any indoor or outdoor setting.

If you walk to work and want to avoid carrying extra pairs of shoes around or prefer a premium pair of wellies for regular outdoor wear, Merry People boots are your go-to!

Tips For Buying Wellies Online

The convenience of online shopping makes life easier for all of us. Here are some great tips to make sure you choose the perfect pair of boots!

Our team recommends:

  • Measuring your calf and feet: every pair of boots comes in standard UK sizes, true to fit, but knowing what size wellies you need before ordering ensures you get the right size the first time.
  • Thinking about how you'll use your wellies: if you're a walk-to-work commuter, a pair of low-profile ankle boots are ideal. If walking the dog in heavy, thick mud, we'd suggest a higher boot to keep your legs dry.
  • Going bold: outdoor boots don't have to be black or brown (although we stock every popular colour!). You can go for bold patterns, bright colours, and pops of prints that look fab on wellies.
  • Keep your feet warm: Merry People boots incorporate clever lining features to ensure your toes are snug, dry, and supported. A neoprene lining is worth its weight in gold in chilly temperatures!
  • Look after your wellies: our boots will last for literal years if you keep them in good shape. We have tons of tips online, but if you dry your boots out, clean them with warm water, and apply a silicone spray or olive oil, the natural rubber will remain in superb condition. 

We source socially responsible materials, including vegan glue and natural rubber, without any products that will break down or wear off in time—no temporary waterproof sprays here!

Therefore, if you can put a little time into caring for your wellies, they'll pay you back in dividends.

Harsh synthetic cleaners, solvents, or direct sunlight may not damage rubber, but they can impair the finish of your brand new wellies, so it's best to keep your boots somewhere dry, clean, and away from glaring sun rays.

Ultimately, your wellies need to work as hard as you do, so if you're looking for the best place to buy boots that live up to your expectations, Merry People is for you.

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