Finding The Best Garden Wellies

Finding The Best Garden Wellies - Merry People UK

If you’re a proud gardener, then you pour so much love and energy into your lawns, veg patches, and flowerbeds—but it’s important to have the best wellington boots for the job to ensure your green fingers (or toes?) never get cold!

It can be tricky to know where to buy wellies of quality to keep up with your lifestyle. Here at Merry People, we've collated this short guide to help you pick the best garden wellies to make your time outdoors warm and snug.

Picking Performance Wellies For Gardening

The wellie boot is a gardening staple. We all know that damp, cold feet don't lend themselves to a day tending to your favourite flowers!

Reliable, long-lasting wellies become so much more important as winter sets in, the ground becomes muddier, and lighter shoes just don't cut it.

Merry People wellies are the solution you're looking for, with a range of fits, styles, and fresh colours to keep you motivated:

  • Ankle wellies are ideal for gardeners who find that taller, conventional wellies restrict bending and kneeling.
  • Our mid-calf boots are an excellent choice for greater height coverage, suitable for a range of calf sizes to keep you splash-free.
  • Kids' wellies come in an assortment of gorgeous colours and styles to get your mini gardeners engaged and protected from the elements.

If you're unsure of the optimal garden wellie fit, we include both UK and EU sizing, with age guides for the children's boots so that you can select the rig boot for tiny toes.

What To Look For In Great Gardening Boots

We'll say it once if we say it a thousand times—arch support is vital for people who spend hours on their feet in less-than-perfect weather conditions!

A moulded arch can prevent a range of painful conditions, combined with deep treads to keep you evenly balanced.

Standard wellies often have a basic rubber shoe design. 

Still, without the flexible, warm neoprene lining and in-built ergonomic arch included in all Merry People wellies, your pressure points will quickly lead to achy heels and sore spots in the ball of your foot.

Our best-selling wellies also come with removable insoles, so if your feet tend to give you problems, you can use orthotic inserts with ease.

While we're on the topic of treads, it's also essential to keep an eye out for a decent grip to avoid slips and spills on soft, boggy ground.

The kids' wellies come with a bit of extra grip to keep tots on the right side up as they get involved with pruning, planting, and weeding!

Finally, if you're making a gardening boot wish list, we'd prioritise easy cleaning. Natural rubber will last for years if properly cared for and requires no expensive cleaning materials or solvents to keep looking its shiny, supple best.

A rinse with warm water, everyday gentle dish soap, and a silicone spray or dab of olive oil now and then will keep your vegan-friendly gardening boots in prime condition.

Bright And Bold Gardening Waterproof Boots

The joy of a beautifully designed pair of gardening boots is that they blend fashion and functionality without the need to shed your wellies when you have to step out.

Merry People ankle rain boots have the performance power to protect your feet from the wettest and windiest weather and look like a classic dress boot.

We recognise the safety and protection our wellies offer us and how crucial waterproofing and proper support is to keep us agile while we garden—but that flair and style don't stop at the back door.

In highly modernised colour shades and combinations, we show our appreciation for true quality outdoor footwear by building boots designed by those who love Mother Nature, with a nod to sleek design and footwear you'll be proud to wear.

Reminiscent of a sharp city boot, our wellies surpass weatherproofing and offer outstanding shades, from Beetroot Red to Mustard Yellow and classic Oxford Blue and Matte Black for the traditionalists.

What makes Merry People the go-to for avid gardeners and lovers of the outdoors?

It's that we're your people, and we put as much passion and effort into every new design as you dedicate to your outdoor spaces.

Whether it's the supple, protective neoprene linings or the smartly engineered pull tabs to make it easy to slip your wellies on or off, you know that each pair of premium wellies has been designed for gardeners, by gardeners—with your comfort in mind.

Feel free to explore other topics we cover on our blog, such as the best ladies' wellies for dog walking.

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