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Cuteness Overload: Wellington Boots + Animals

Cuteness Overload: Rain Boots + Animals - Merry People US
Wellington Boots & Pets

Pairing our Bobbi wellie boots with animals is the photo collaboration we never planned - but are totally loving! Thank you to our community for continuing to share these joint merry adventures. It always makes us smile at HQ and we hope it brings a smile to your day too!  

Over the years, we have been tagged in countless photos of humans and their best friends - and it's not just dogs! We’ve seen cats, kangaroos, a surprising number of chickens, and more! Keep scrolling for a snippet of our favorites.  If you want even more cuteness, be sure to check out our tagged photos on Instagram.

(Banner photos of Darwin & Charles with mom’s Bobbi Mustard, via @ourevolvingadventure)

So many good boys! 



 Shop: Bobbi Beetroot


Shop: Bobbi Alpine


 Shop: Bobbi Mustard

Founder Dani's new puppy Sadie is super excited to play with mom!Dani and Sadie

And so many sleepy boys! 


Shop: Bobbi Black

Kitties love gumboots too!

Especially our Bobbi Mustard boots! 



Have boots, will travel. 


Marketing Manager Emma's sweet baby Pebbles likes to guard her momma's boots.

Pebbles and Merry People
Shop: Bobbi Mustard


Whereas our Wholesale Coordinator Katey’s kitty Simon mostly photo-bombs pictures with boots.  

Order: Bobbi Pear

But it's not just dogs and cats!

Check our Martha and her buddy Casper: 

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And our Bobbi Alpine makes it easy for Katie to take care of her chickens!


And more chickens!

 (Our Bobbi Kid's boots are available on special order from Australia, please email us at for more info)

This friendly deer is curious about Cassandra and mate's matching Bobbi boots!


Then there is Kirsty with her cow:



We love this shot of Ashley and an inquisitive ‘roo!

Shop: Bobbi Mustard


Last, but not least, MINIATURE HORSES from our friend Brooke. 


Stay Merry everyone! Xx 

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