Are Chelsea Boots Good for Winter?

Are Chelsea Boots Good for Winter?

Chelsea boots are stylish footwear that are fit for royalty – quite literally! The boots were originally designed in the 1960s for Queen Victoria upon her request for horse-riding shoes. Since then, they have remained a staple in everyone’s shoe collection.

People love Chelsea boots because they’re chameleons; they work with everything, whether that’s casual skinny jeans or a smart pair of pants, making them incredibly versatile. But are Chelsea boots good for all seasons? If only wellies could look just as good as Chelsea boots!

Now, they can. Merry People have designed footwear that is just as stylish as Chelsea boots but with the versatility and weather-proofness of wellies!

Chelsea Boots in Every Season

Merry People’s Bobbi Boots are wellingtons in the Chelsea boot style, that can be worn in every season. Here’s how they fare at each period of the year:


Leather Chelsea boots may be able to keep your feet warm, but they won’t give you adequate protection from the snow. You’ll look stylish, but you’ll probably feel uncomfortable with wet shoes! 

Lavender Bobbis in the snow

Merry People’s waterproof Chelsea-style boots, Bobbi Boots, have rubber upper and soles that can withstand the winter elements (including the snow!), all while keeping your toes toasty and making sure you’re looking good!


Spring is a great season to wear Merry People’s Chelsea-style Bobbi Boots. During this time, you can pair them with dresses or find other ways to dress them up. Of course, the boots also work well with a nice pair of jeans for a more rugged look. Plus, with their practical design, you can wear them out and about–whether on the streets or the garden–with confidence!


The summer isn’t the first season you think of when it comes to Chelsea boots, but with Merry People’s fun Bobbi Boots, you’re going to love stomping out into your favourite summer activities! If where you live is prone to summer showers, these boots (that are actually wellies!) will keep your feet dry and secure, too.


Autumn is one of the best seasons to wear Chelsea boots, not just because of their ability to keep your feet comfortable in the cooler weather, but because they work especially well with layered outfits. With so many colours to choose from, you have endless choices to suit your style and mood.

Sky Blue Bobbi Boots on a cloudy cold day

Caring for Your Merry People Chelsea Boots in the Winter

If you want to wear regular Chelsea boots in all seasons, you’ll have to care for them properly so that you can prolong their lifespan. This involves cleaning your boots regularly with a damp cloth, drying them off with a dry cloth, then treating them with moisturising products, like the Merry People Care Kit, at least once a month. You also should store your Bobbi Boots away from the sunlight to prevent cracking in the natural rubber.

With the good-for-all-seasons options from Merry People, you can wear your stylish footwear whenever you want with minimal maintenance. In the winter, you can simply wipe them off with a clean towel after use, and you’re good to go for the next time you wear them! They can take a lot of wear and tear, even when you slosh around in the snow; they’re as sturdy as they are fashionable!

Merry People's Chelsea Boots for All Seasons

If you’re looking for Chelsea-style boots that are perfect year-round, Merry People’s Bobbi Boots are the best choice!

You'll have wellies in that signature Chelsea look, with superior usability, comfort, and durability. They’re comfortable to put on and take off, and they work well for a variety of occasions and conditions – whether you’re wearing them out for an everyday stroll, to a get-together with friends, or on a walk through the woods. If you want a welly that looks like a Chelsea boot, take a look at our Bobbi Boots range.

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