How To Clean Wellies

How To Clean Wellies

How To Clean Wellies

Wellies are an essential part of your wardrobe during cold and rainy days. Anyone who has worn a pair of wellies knows they excel at keeping your feet dry, warm, and comfortable in harsh conditions. Whether you’re rocking family Wellington boots or our signature Bobbi Wellington, it goes without saying that wellies are equally as stylish as they are essential. You will want to keep them clean and merry so you can wear them out on any occasion.

It is completely normal for your wellies to get muddy and worn in, especially if you wear them to tromp through puddles and mud! With all the adventures you’re going on, your Merry People wellies will eventually need a little TLC.

Taking care of your Merry People Wellingtons is essential to keep them merry for years! These high-quality, durable boots are built to last, but a little love goes a long way. By keeping your wellies maintained and cared for, you can confidently wear them no matter where your wellies take you. To help you care for your boots well, we've compiled easy care tips so you can enjoy merry adventures for years!

cleaning boots with a microfiber cloth

Hand-Washing Your Wellies

You want your wellies to last as long as possible. While they might be built to handle various types of harsh conditions, you should always clean them in a gentle manner. There is nothing better than going the old-fashioned hand-wash route.

To do this, all you need is warm water and a soft brush. We want to emphasise how important it is for you to use a soft bristled brush – this will prevent you from inadvertently scratching the surface of your wellies.

With your brush, don’t be afraid to give them a good scrub. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of your wellies to remove any and all dirt or debris that might be hiding there. Be gentle, and most importantly, take your time. Once you have given them a good once-over, rinse them off with fresh, cold water and allow them to air dry.

spraying the boots

Conditioning Your Wellies with Rubber Spray

Keep your boots clean with our trusty Care Kit, including a micro-fibre cloth, rubber boot treatment spray, and sponge. Wipe down your boots after each use to prevent grime buildup and use a cleaning solution for heavier mud.

Final Tips And Tricks

  • Cleaning the Inside: Don't forget the inside! Mix a cleaning solution, wipe down the interior, and disinfect if needed. Absorb water with a towel and air dry to maintain the neoprene lining.
  • Storage: Keep your boots indoors away from direct sunlight to avoid fading and cracking – this, plus using the Care Kit or a similar rubber boot treatment spray will keep your wellies conditioned and merrier for longer!
  • Removing and Using: Use your hands or a shoehorn to remove your boots gently. Be cautious on slippery surfaces and use a traction spray if needed!

Proper cleaning and maintenance will keep your Merry People boots in top shape, so you can stay merry on all your adventures!

A Little TLC Goes a Long Way!

There you have it – the proper way to clean and maintain your wellies. Taking the time to give them a little TLC every now and then will guarantee that you can enjoy your wellies for years to come! 

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