Tully’s in Town: The Making of Our Brand New Boot!

Tully’s in Town: The Making of Our Brand New Boot!
“To date, we have only released around one new boot design every year at Merry People. We aim to do few things well and put a lot of thought into the design so that the product fits the life of our Merry Community, and is also unique to our brand. I am so proud of the Tully Boot. We have made some steps towards our sustainability goals  through its creation and also had a lot of fun bringing together creatively. I am personally loving the Tully as my everyday ‘going to the office’ boot - and I hope our Merry Community loves it too!”

- Dani Pearce, CEO & Founder

Introducing the Tully Boot!

The Tully Boot is a brand new silhouette that gives a fashion forward take on the classic Wellington! Chunky, playful  and urban; Tully nods to 90s nostalgia with a platform-style sole, chunky heel and an extended, wrap-around neoprene cuff. 

Available in four new colour combos; Teal, Plum, Sunshine & Black, each bring playfulness and a distinct style in colour form. So get ready to dance through the streets in our brand new boot - Tully’s in town! 

We spoke with CEO & Founder Dani on the inspiration behind this boot, what the steps were in bringing it to life, and more! We also asked our Head of Product Design Cass, for some never before seen, behind the scenes details on all things Tully design… and she delivered!

Let’s dive in!

Dani, what sparked the idea for this new boot? 

I wanted to create a boot that stepped a little more into the fashion lane for Merry People. I wanted to lean into the trend of the 90’s nostalgia with the chunky sole - a trend that we have been seeing in high fashion.

Why did you choose the name ‘Tully’?

Tully is one of the wettest towns in Australia and is home to the giant 'gumboot' (aka Wellington)! I thought it was a fun and playful name (and is also the name of one of my best friends' daughters!).

red chair and mustard tullys

How do the Tullys fit into the Merry People product family?

Keeping with the family analogy (and referencing my own family!) I think the Bobbi Boot is like the oldest child; responsible and logical and our Tully is the second child - a little bit more of a risk taker, bold and presents in a confident manner!  
I wanted to create a fashion boot that felt like an extension of the Merry People product family. Merry People is known for color, natural rubber and neoprene – so I wanted to keep the Tully with those materials but just add a more ‘fashion’ offering to the Merry family!

What about this boot is NEW for Merry People?

The Tully Boot is a brand new silhouette that gives a fashion forward take on the classic Wellington. It has a wraparound neoprene cuff, which really distinguishes it from the design of the Bobbi Boot (and other ankle boots.) This is more of a design choice than a functional one, but I do love that the higher neoprene is soft around my ankles and I also love the higher ankle boot - I like how it sits on my leg with pants, but also shorts & dresses etc. 

The natural rubber used on the Tully Boot is FSC certified (You can read more about FSC accreditation). It is a process for the Tully Boot that we are testing. We’re looking to understand our emissions and impact whilst ensuring the quality remains strong. We are working with a third party consultant to help us navigate quantifying this. As for what this could mean for the Bobbi Boot in terms of sustainability… Watch this space! We are constantly learning and improving. You can read more about this journey in our Sustainability Statement.

Which colour combo has become your go-to?

At the moment it is the Teal Tullys, but we do have big plans for more colours in the future... Make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list so you're always first to know! X

people wearing tullys in town


With Cass, our Head of Product!

What is your favourite feature on the Tully Boot?

The new chunky outsole! It was tricky to design as at MP we pride ourselves on function foremost, but we love fashion and wanted something that had a more fashion forward profile but still provided all the same features as our beloved Bobbi, arch support, slip resistance and of course waterproof!

What was the feature that caused the most discussion? 

Hmmm… tricky question as Dani and I are always really aligned in what we are trying to achieve. Getting the outsole perfect took some work. A big discussion at Merry People is always colour, and I render so many options before we decide what to sample (what looks amazing in a drawing does not always translate in reality!). 

Dani is definitely bolder in her colour choices so there is some to and fro there! I love asking the whole team to vote too, a fun way of testing the waters.

If you had to design the Tully in a unique-to-you colour combo, what colours are you picking? 

I’m a very Melbourne classic-black dresser so the first colour I’ll get will be the black, but I love the deep jewel tones in the Plum Tully too.

And lastly… what are you wearing with your Tullys?

I’m a mum of two boys and I live on the Bass Coast in Victoria, so I live in Merry People footwear with jeans and jumpers at the moment! I love how the Tully Boot looks with a wide leg crop jean, as well as a straighter jean with a raw hem. I’d pair both with thick knit jumpers or cardigans and a more statement coat. I’ve got an oversized black and gray check one that looks fab with Tully!

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