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Adventuring into Autumn: Our Team’s Favourite Merry Moments

Adventuring into Autumn: Our Team’s Favourite Merry Moments
Falling leaves, light layers, cool days, oh my! With the change of season coming in for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, we asked our marketing team here in Melbourne what merry moments they love most about autumn, and here’s what they said!

WEEKEND GETAWAYS | Celia, Senior Marketing Manager 

I love the slower feel of autumn, it’s like a lovely pause, or transition, between a full summer and a cosier winter. My favourite thing to do is to head out of the city and visit nearby spots, like some of the wineries down along the coast. Then settling in for an evening spent by the beach with some of my oldest friends. There’s just something about an evening by the shore, close friends, and a glass of local red wine!

Celia at Blanket Bay wearing Chestnut & Ice Blue Bobbi Boots

I’d suggest a pair of Chestnut & Ice Blue Bobbis for a weekend trip! They’re waterproof and super comfortable, perfect for meandering around winery vineyards, or strolling along the beach.

Styling Chestnut & Ice Blue Bobbi Boots 

I love the unexpected colourway of the warm brown and frosty blue! Even though the blue is not traditionally an autumnal colour, I find the Chestnuts easy to style with a transeasonal wardrobe for exactly that reason. For a recent weekend trip to Blanket Bay here in Victoria, I paired my goldy-green puffer jacket with comfy shorts for a functional and simple cool weather active look.

LOVING THE LAYERS | Andie, Digital Marketing Specialist

One of my favourite things about autumn is being able to bring out the layers again! I love the cooler feel to the air, and being able to reach for a light knit or cardigan before heading out for a coffee, followed by a stop at my daughter’s favourite playground.

Andie styling for winter

I always make sure I have some cosy socks at the ready for the autumn months. I guess you could say I like to add layers from my head… to my toes! The Merry People Quarter Socks are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn, and I especially like the warm green of the Olive – it’s such a classic colour for autumn.

Styling Quarter Height Socks 

These socks are the ideal height for peeking out the top of your Bobbi Boots, so I always like to give them room to shine! Next, if you’re looking for some outfit coordination, my tip is to match one other colour in your outfit with your socks, for a cool and collected vibe.

COSY CAMPING | Hannah, Social & Content Coordinator

Here in Australia, our autumn coincides with an Easter long weekend, which is absolutely prime camping time. Cool enough for a campfire, with lovely long evenings! Plus, most people are winding down for the winter months, so it feels quite easy to organise a group of friends together for a weekend outside of Melbourne; near smaller local towns or further out in the country.

Alpine Green Bobbi Boots

For a cosy weekend of camping, I’d reach for a pair of our Alpine Green Bobbis. I love their deep forest green shade – the colour feels very grounded, at one with nature! The cosy neoprene lining keeps my feet warm in the cooler parts of the day, so the functionality is perfect for camping too.

Styling Alpine Green Bobbi Boots 

As camping in autumn can often be warm in the day and cold at night, I like to wear lots of layers to make sure I'm prepared, whatever the weather. Throw on shirts, knits and beanies will be nearby so that I can throw them on as the weather gets cooler. My favourite colours to pair Alpine Green with are light pink, creams, denim and blue hues!

CHANGING LEAVES | Charlie, Content Lead

For me, autumn is synonymous with change. Changing leaves, changing seasons, changing colours! So an autumnal merry moment has to be venturing outdoors for a walk, preferably with a cute doggo for company! With all the trees and foliage slowly changing colours and losing their leaves, my daily walks constantly feel renewed. No two days are the same!

Beetroot Bobbi Boots in Autumn

The Beetroot Bobbi Boots feel like the embodiment of autumnal colour. The deep red/purple shade makes me feel like I’m stepping into the season! Plus, the pop of pink in the neoprene is so merry.

Styling Beetroot & Light Pink Bobbi Boots 

Beetroot is a shade that loves to mix and match! From cooler whites and yellows, to the darker blues and greens, the Beetroot Bobbi pairs with plenty. Whatever colour I wear it with, I like to make sure that my bottoms hit just above the boot, so my Bobbis can shine! I have a cream knit dress that is a bit of an autumnal wardrobe staple – paired with my Beetroot Bobbis my outfit is warm, functional and cute!

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