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Here’s How to Choose a Merry People Colour!

Here’s How to Choose a Merry People Colour!
One of the things our customers love about Merry People is our wide range of colours; from brights, to bolds, from neutrals to the unexpected, we have a boot (or clog!) colour that brings you joy!

Since you’re here reading this blog post, you’ll undoubtedly know that with many colours comes great choice! Our new Merry friends will often reach out to us for advice on how to choose between some of their favourite picks. Beetroot or Black? Alpine or Grasshopper? Mustard or Grape?

How do you choose? 
We asked our team, who put together a handy list of all our colours, based on what you have in your wardrobe! 
  • If your wardrobe is bold and bright… Magenta, Mustard
  • If your wardrobe is floral and playful…Beetroot, Grape, Chilli Red
  • If your wardrobe is classic and clean… Oxford, Black, Chocolate, Slate
  • If your wardrobe is pastel and fresh… Lavender, Dusty Pink, Sky Blue
  • If your wardrobe is understated and earthy… Alpine, Rust
  • To keep the merry advice rolling, we posed this question to our Merry Facebook community – a community that has been with and grown with Merry People since the very beginning – in the hopes they would share their advice, tips and thinking when it comes to picking a colourful pair… and they delivered! 



    #1 Go With What You Wear Day To Day!

    Advice from: Claire, Lizzie
    Think of picking a Merry People colour like you’re putting together an outfit combo. Just peek into your wardrobe – what colours do you wear most? Whether it's your everyday denim or those comfy neutrals, choosing a boot colour that goes well with your clothes is an easy way to narrow down your choices. After all, when you buy a pair of new boots, you want to know you’ll wear them!

    Claire’s advice is to make sure you get the wear you want out of your boots: “Buy what colour would work hardest in your closet. Look at the colours you most wear and pick a complementary/contrasting colour.

    So, check out your closet, and let what’s in your wardrobe lead the way to the perfect boot colour.
    Claire's advice

    Lizzie's advice

    #2 Go With Your First Instinct

    Advice from: Mookah, Karen
    With so many colours to choose from, it can be tricky to go with the first one you love! It’s all about trusting your gut and leaning into the feelings you have about a certain colour. Sometimes, your gut may surprise you! The key is to not overthink it.

    As one of our merry Australian stockists, Mookah, put it: “Go with your first instinct… don’t overthink it”.

    Mookah's adviceWe also loved this piece of advice from Karen:

    Karen's advice

    Of course, if you do find that the colour isn’t what you expected, you can always return your unworn boots to our helpful customer service team! And then go get that second pair 😉

    #3 Start With A Colour You're Comfortable With

    Advice from: Jennifer, Skye, Julie
    Maybe you’re new to Merry People and just dipping your toes into our world of colour! One of the pieces of advice we saw time and again was to start with a colour you know you love and are comfortable with, first. Whether neutral or bold, bright or dark, choosing a colour that feels true to you is key.

    Jennifer shares her advice on choosing a colour: “Start with the colour you’re comfortable with. I chose chocolate brown because that’s me, but now I’m comfortable with my choice I’m ready to branch out to a new bright, colourful pair. Just do you to start with.”

    Jennifer's advice

    We’re known for our bright and bold shades; so maybe you’re wanting to jump right into a colourful boot! Or, maybe for your first pair you may want to go for a classic, neutral shade – as Skye told us, “You can never go wrong with black.”!

    Skye's advice

    Whatever colour you choose, picking one you already love is a great place to start!

    Julie's advice

    #4 Choose What Brings You The Most Joy!

    Advice from: Michal, Joanne, Teresa
    Sometimes, it's all about following your heart! Our CEO & Founder, Dani, followed her heart when she created Merry People to spread more merriness in the world. Choosing your boot colour based on what your heart wants – what brings you the most joy – is a very merry way to live!

    If you feel yourself getting tangled up in the dos and don'ts of picking colours, Michal's tip is to stay merry: “Don’t stress about being practical, go with your heart and what makes you smile!”.

    Michal's advice

    Whether something out of the ordinary for you, or, it’s a ‘classic you’ colour, choose what brings you the most joy!

    Teresa's advice

    Joanne's advice

    For our practical friends: All our boots have an enhanced traction sole, are 100% waterproof, toasty warm and are loved by over 15,000 merry customers… so you know that whatever colour you pick, you’ll be wearing (and loving!) a durable, versatile and quality boot! Practical? Check ✅

    #5 Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Advice from: Kylie, Julie, Kathryn
    Kylie tells us: “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and go bold”. Maybe you’ve never thought a lush green would be your colour – could a new pair of Magenta Bobbi Boots be where your perfectly pink love affair begins?

    Kylie's advice

    Or maybe you’ve only ever gravitated towards bright and bold boots, but you’d like to try something different… could our Black Bobbis be the perfect classic-and-cool pair for you?

    Julie's advice

    The takeaway? If you’re looking for a sign to just go for it – this is it!

    Kathryn's advice


    Quick Fire Tips... 

    Try On Boots At One Of Our Local Stockists

    Did you know that we have multiple stockists all across Australia where you can try on and buy boots in real life? Head to our website to find out which stockist is closest!

    Think About Where You'll Wear Them

    Consider where you’re going to wear them (and what you’ll be doing!) when picking a colour. iIf you're into gardening, a darker hue with dark neoprene might be your go-to. If you’re looking for more of a fashion statement, then a lighter or brighter colour boot could be perfect! It's all about finding the right match for your lifestyle. Whatever colour you pick, Merry People boots are easy to clean so that they stay merrier for longer!

    Get Them All!

    Can't decide on just one colour? Our Facebook friends say, ‘No worries, why limit yourself!’. Embrace the rainbow of possibilities and go all out by getting multiple pairs of boots. With a collection of colours, you can match your boots to your mood, outfit, or activity. Whether it's a bright sunny day, a rainy adventure, or a casual hangout, you'll always have the perfect pair to complete your look.

    Choose One Neutral, One Bold!

    Many of our Facebook friends told us that you “can’t have just one pair”; the best combination is one neutral pair, and one bold pair! That way you can alternate, and always have a merry pair to reach for – whatever the outfit!

    Check out the other responses on our original post below!

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