Are Chelsea Boots Waterproof?

Are Chelsea Boots Waterproof?

Chelsea boots are an iconic style. The design has stood the test of time, and Chelsea boots remain a staple in people’s closets for well over a century. But anyone from the UK will attest to the fact that when winter comes, any boot you plan to wear will need to be ready to withstand the rain and snow!

Classic Chelsea boots are often made using natural leather, which means that while they can withstand brief exposure to wet elements, they’re typically not waterproof.

What Are Chelsea Boots?

Chelsea boots are a low-heeled pair of boots that feature an elastic panel on the side (instead of laces) and a loop on the back of the cuff. These features make them easy to pull on and take off.

A Brief History of Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots were first introduced in Victorian England in the mid-1800s. They were created by royal bootmaker, J. Sparkes-Hall, for Queen Victoria, who needed low-heeled riding boots that she could easily slip on and off.
Chelsea boots soared in popularity in the 1960s. The name ‘Chelsea boots’ was derived from the Chelsea area of West London, where the footwear was often worn by fashionable elites. In the 1970s, the style became synonymous with the punk movement, giving the Chelsea boots an undertone of rebelliousness and adding to their status.

Chelsea Boots in Rainy Weather

Are Chelsea boots good for winter or the rain? While it’s tempting to take out your go-to pair of shoes in wetter months, they won’t keep your feet dry for long. They’ll likely hold up with short stints in the snow or light showers, but they’re often not waterproof. You’ll find yourself with cold, wet feet before long!

So if you want to keep the same look, with added functionality, you can look for waterproof alternatives, like Merry People’s Bobbi Boots, an ankle-height Wellington in a Chelsea boot style.

Merry People Bobbi Boot Wellington

Waterproof Chelsea Boots from Merry People

To avoid this soggy story, opt for the waterproof alternative from Merry People. The best boots to take you from the farm to the festival, our Bobbi Boots look like a Chelsea boot, and act like a welly!

Merry People’s Bobbi Boots have the same sleek silhouette as Chelsea boots, except they’re made using natural rubber, which makes them waterproof! If you’re looking for more durable, waterproof alternatives to the classic Chelsea, check out our range.

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