Our Social Responsibility

We’re always working to ensure our Merry Products are produced under safe, fair, legal, and humane working conditions. This means we visit our production factory, chatting with both the owners and our agent to monitor.  While our factory is subject to international audits due to the requirements of other brands they work with, we do not want to rely on the reporting of others and we are in the process of mapping our supply chain to tell the full story.


Giving Back

Being a start-up, we are well aware that most businesses fail in the first couple of years. We have been working to put all our financial efforts to create a sustainable business model. We have donated to charities along the journey where possible and offered our boots as a prize for local schools to raise money. 

In 2019, we were in the happy position to give a generous financial amount to Hagar, a Melbourne based charity that works to stop the cycle of human trafficking, slavery, and abuse that exploits women and children in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  

Following the 2020 summer of bushfires in Australia which greatly impacted our home state of Victoria, we committed to supporting bushfire impacted areas and businesses.  We have donated to relevant charities, spent our strategy day in the town of Beechworth, Australia, and celebrated affected makers through our Mothers Day competition.  We plan to continue helping these communities and businesses throughout the year.

Further, as we continue to stabilise and grow as a business, we will (hopefully this year!) formalise an alignment with a couple of grassroots charities that align with our values.


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