What Wellington Boots Should Guys Wear?

What Wellington Boots Should Guys Wear?


Worn from morning to night, in rain or shine, Wellington Boots are a great choice of shoe for anyone, including guys! Whether it's in the garden, walking the dog, on a hike, at a festival or on the weekend for a casual outing, these are a pair boots that will get a lot of wear! 

The Merry People range of boots are unisex and available in a wide range of colours (Oxford Blue, Black, Slate Grey and Chocolate Brown are fan favourites in the UK) - so there are oh so many options for males to choose from.

The Bobbi Ankle Boot

The Bobbi Ankle Boot is our bestseller. Why? We’d have to say it's their versatility and is one of the best wellies for keeping feet warm. We see them worn on wintery commutes, when planting autumn harvests in the garden or on those damp spring days when taking a morning walk. We’ve also spotted them at music festivals a number of times! Pairing them with natural fibre socks and we have the ultimate lightweight, yet durable, shoe.

This wellie is made with natural materials, so it softens and stretches with wear, so choosing a more fitted size is recommended. And if they feel a bit too snug? Remove the inner sole for the first few days to help with the fit and pop it back in once your feet start feeling a little more free. We shouldn't forget to mention the pull tabs, combined with flexible neoprene lining, allow the boots to slip on and off with ease. But just in case, we've got tips for how to take off Wellington boots.


The Billie Clog (coming to the UK very soon)

Looking for that perfect home and garden wellie? We’ve created it. Super comfy, very durable and featuring an enhanced traction sole, this take on our Bobbi wellie is not only comfortable to wear, but also easy to clean. Hallelujah! Not to mention, an open-heel design that lets us slip them on and off.

When choosing Wellington boots for a males (or anyone), make sure they’re snug, comfy and made with quality materials. Because at the end of the day, what’s the use in having a stylish pair of wellies if they’re not functional? Choose a pair that you’ll want to wear all day long, in rain or shine!

Want to browse what’s out there? Shop our wellies here.

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