How To Take Off Wellington Boots

How To Take Off Wellington Boots


It’s no secret that we love wearing our wellies – whether it’s out in the rain, in the

garden, or in the countryside! But what we love most about them (besides how cute they are) is that they are 100% waterproof. That means nothing comes in, but that doesn’t mean nothing gets stuck on the outside. That’s why we’re all about taking off our wellington boots as easily and neatly as possible, and of course without damaging them. So, if you’ve never heard of boot jack, it might just be your new best friend.

A boot jack is one of the most effective ways to take Wellington boots off. Generally made of plastic, metal or wood, a boot jack has a U-shape at the end of it that easily grips the heel of the boot so you can pull it off in one fell swoop!

Don’t get us wrong, we've all been guilty of pinning one heel down with our foot to quickly tug the other foot out of our tall or ankle wellies. But fun fact: this isn’t great for our wellies and can actually damage them. And we’re all about keeping them in great condition so they last for as long as possible!

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What is a boot jack?
A boot jack is used to remove boots including our favourite wellies. They stop our
wellies getting damaged and they stop people from walking into our homes with dirty wellingtons on, but they also make it way easier to take off... we promise!
Don’t worry, it’s pretty straightforward — all you have to do is make sure the U-shape end of the boot jack is securely fitted over the heel of the wellie. Then, you pull and voila!


Why is a boot jack so great?
Now that we know what a boot jack is, let’s take a look at what’s so great about it! Here are a few reasons why we love a boot jack:

  1. It prevents us from straining our backs when we bend over to take our wellies off (especially after we’ve been out getting our hands dirty in the garden all day)! The absolute last thing we want you to do is aggravate an overworked back by bending over to take off your muddy wellies before heading back inside.
  2. It makes a great gift! Sure, at first it may seem like an unusual present to give someone, but just because it’s not the typical gift, doesn’t mean they won’t love it or thank you later. It really doesn’t take long to realise how handy having a boot jack really is.
  3. It helps keep our boots in tip top condition, and we’re all about that! So let’s promise each other that the next time we feel like taking a shortcut to get our muddy wellies off, we’ll reach for the boot jack instead. Pair that with learning exactly how to store your Wellington boots and who knows, they might just last forever!
  4. We’re talking about our wellies here, but a boot jack can actually be used to take off absolutely any boot!

 A Merry guide to using boot jacks

Now that the secret is out, and a book jack might just be your new number one favourite purchase, we thought we’d give you a quick step-by-step walkthrough that’ll help you master using a boot jack — particularly if you spend a lot of time outdoors, working in the garden, or out for walks in the country and will be using it often.

  1. Stand in front of the jack with the U-shape end facing behind you
  2. Place one boot on the flat end of the jack
  3. Place the heel of your other boot into the U-shape
  4. Pull your foot out while the boot is being held by the jack
  5. Switch to the other foot that still has a boot on it, and repeat!

We hope you enjoy just how simple taking off your wellies can be - we sure did!

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