Best Wellies for Keeping Feet Warm

Best Wellies for Keeping Feet Warm


Whether you're in the garden, on a short stroll, or exploring the countryside, keeping your feet comfy is key. Many people to choose to throw on their wellies for these occasions.

In autumn and winter though, it's muddy, wet and chill outside. Keeping your feet warm and dry is a must! A bit of insulation can go a long way in helping to keep your feet warm, dry and comfy. So to help you with picking the best Wellington boots, we've got our top two tips for you!

Tread for a secure grip 
Although this doesn’t affect the thermal framework of wellies, tread is important when choosing wellies that are perfect for all terrains. A weak tread can have us slipping and sliding over frozen and wet ground so look out for a well-defined tread with a good grip.

Our Merry People boots are made with an enhanced traction sole —tick!


alpine green merry boots

Thick lining to keep you warm
Wellington boots are typically lined with materials to offer some comfort but when we’re on the hunt for good insulation, opting for wellies with a lining such as fleece, faux fur, or wool is a good option for keeping your feet cosy during those chilly walks.

Our Merry People boots are made with a flexible neoprene lining (think wetsuit material), making them perfect for the cold and icy weather, because they prevent heat from escaping. 

The Merry People boots
We've got two boot styles available, the Bobbi Wellington and the Darcy Mid-Calf boot. 

Merry People Bobbi Wellington

The perfect everyday Wellington boot. The Bobbi boot seamlessly blends fashion and function with natural rubber and a neoprene lining. Easy to dress up or down, wear from day to night, the Bobbi wellie is a wardrobe staple. We make our boots available in a wide range of colours and sizes, to fit everyone - both men and women. And there is even a kids range!

beetroot boots shot

Merry People Darcy Mid-Calf Gumboot

We created the Darcy boot as a wellie that was a step up from our Bobbi boot, with increased height coverage, increased functionality for wet and muddy conditions, suitability for different calf sizes - whilst also maintaining versatility so that you can wear from morning to night, city to country as an everyday fashion boot! These boots are available in three colours and a range of sizes.

putting on black darcy boots

So whether your looking for your next pair of shoes to... keep your feet toasty and warm in the colder months, do some gardening in or even wondering what to wear to a festival, 100% waterproof (and super comfy) wellies might just be what you’ve been searching for. 


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