What to Wear with Wellies at a Festival

What to Wear with Wellies at a Festival


Ahhh, the joys of festival fashion! The times we can be the most creative with our looks and go bold! But knowing what to wear to a festival requires a lot of thought, especially as we can’t predict the weather. 

The best starting point for a festival outfit — a pair of welliesNot only are Wellington boots for festivals a smart starting point (making us prepared for rain, hail or shine), but a fashionable looking pair can elevate an outfit and add a level of carefree (and super comfy) fun. But then comes the predicament – what to wear with your super cute wellies?!

We’re here to tell you that almost anything goes with wellies – we’re talking dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans, shorts, you name it. But whatever your festival look is, it should be versatile and comfortable. 

Here are four things to think about when matching your festival outfits with wellies.

people having fun at a festival wearing merry boots

Don’t shy away from shorts or skirts

The best thing about wellington boots is that they're so versatile and can also complement a skirt or shorts during warmer weather. During the warmer weather, mid-calf wellies look great with a short skirt and ankle wellies pair nicely with denim shorts or skirts. 

Pick colours that compliment your wellies

Colour is the building. block of any outfit. And there is no shortage of colour with Merry People wellies, available in a range of colours and shades... neutral, pastel and bright. You don't need to limit yourself to wearing long dresses or trousers with wellies. 

Neutral wellies are a safe choice for any outfit. They pair well with colours and other neutral shades. You can't go wrong!

But if you love a colourful Wellington boot (we do too!), you can take a few different approaches. But first we recommend starting with your wellies and building the outfit around it...
1. Colourblock (think contrasting colours)
2. Pair with patterns (in the same or different colourways)
3. Go bold and match (clothes, accessories and wellies all in the one colourway)
4. Make your boots the statement and pair with a neutral coloured outfit.

Slim trousers all the way

The ‘slim fit trousers and wellies’ combo can make anyone look great! But there’s one important thing to keep in mind when choosing the exact style of slim trousers. Our tip? Pick ones that won't bunch up at the top when worn with boots. Tucking trousers into your wellies can help to make your legs look longer and also keeps your trousers nice and dry.

Think wisely about socks

Socks are great for keeping your legs warm and comfortable when you're wearing wellies. Some great options...

1. Over-the-knee socks add that extra-cute touch of style when wearing short skirts and dresses.

2. For cooler weather, opt for cable-knit stockings or thigh-high socks.

3. In warmer periods, socks that pop out just over the top of your wellies are our pick of the bunch. Our merry socks are perfect for this!

a person wearing black merry boots in a festival

Your festival outfit is about finding that balance of comfort and style. If you have all the festival fashion in the world but forget your wellies, you may end up being that person at a festival with wet feet! If you’d like to make your festival experience one for the memory books, combine your outfit with the perfect pair of Merry People wellies.

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