What to Wear to a Music Festival in the Rain

What to Wear to a Music Festival in the Rain


Festival season is in the air and you start to wonder what to wear! But wait, is that rain you see on the forecast? Let us guess, you haven't been planning for bad weather!'s a whole different ballgame going to a festival when there's rain and mud. But don't despair, there are many ways to still look good, while staying dry and having fun. 

Here are our four merry tips for piecing together festival outfits if there’s a forecast of rain on the horizon. And of course, Wellington boots are one of them!

Go for a water repellent bag

Crossbody bags and backpacks are a great choice for a music festival because they are hands free. That means drinking when you want, eating when you want, and throwing your hands in the air whenever your favourite songs come on. But for a music festival in the rain, carrying a bag that’s made with water-repellent material—such as nylon—is key, especially if you plan to carry tech equipment like a DSLR camera or a phone.

Pick boots that are made for walking (in the rain)

Keeping your feet dry at a rainy festival is a game changer. If your feet are wet or uncomfortable, you won’t be happy and you won't be able to truly enjoy yourself. Our choice when it comes to picking our rainy footwear are 100% waterproof, festival-style wellies. 

But keeping dry isn’t all that matters. At festivals, stages can be very far apart, so ensuring your shoes are comfy as you navigate the muddy grounds in the busy crowds is key. Wellies with a well-defined tread are perfect for heavy showers and muddy treks because they’ll keep your feet dry, comfortable and steady as you walk back and forth. 

If you’re looking to skip the tall rain boot, opt for an ankle wellie boot as they’re often tighter around the ankle and help to prevent the rain from sneaking into your shoes. Plus, their rubber material will keep your feet and socks protected from rain, mud and snow, making it the ideal choice to wear to a winter music festival.

Waterproof outerwear works wonders

A rain jacket is vital but we don’t love wearing heavy-duty raincoats to a festival. Who does?! So what’s our choice? Lightweight packaway rain ponchos! They’re perfect for carrying around all day as they’re compact and don’t take up too much space in your bag and they provide instant protection from the rain.


Rain or shine, a protective hat is everything

If we don’t have a hood, we love a hat at a rainy music festival – it keeps the raindrops off our faces and stops water from running down our necks. Opt for a cute bucket hat,  as there are loads of options to choose from, all of which act as great rain protectors.
At the end of the day, wearing comfortable, durable, and waterproof clothing is the best way to have a good time at a music festival in the rain. So plan ahead, make sure you’re rocking 100% waterproof wellies and get ready to let your hair down!


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