What to Wear to a Winter Music Festival

What to Wear to a Winter Music Festival


We love a winter festival: the outfits, the ambience and the lack of sweltering heat. But one thing a winter music festival brings is colder temperatures which often means that we need to put more thought into planning our outfits accordingly. 

The best winter festival outfit is something that’s comfortable but also keeps you warm during those chilly nights once the sun has set and the temperature has dropped. 

Here are five things to consider when planning your outfit for the next winter festival. 

1. Puffer jackets are always a good idea

Nothing beats a puffer jacket — cropped or long. They’re stylish, they suit any high-waisted outfit and they’re the best for keeping us cosy and warm in cold weather. Loads of winter music festivals have both outdoor and indoor stages so picking something you can easily unzip and remove so you don’t overheat is key.

2. Layers, jeans and more layers

In winter, layers are our best friend, especially if we’re attending a winter music festival where we’re likely to be inside with heaters running but also outside in the cold. That’s why we think the perfect winter festival outfit features at least three layers. 

Think: your favourite t-shirt with jeans, a light to medium-weight sweater, and a coat or jacket to complete the look. 

Now, you might be wondering why we've selected jeans. They’re our go-to because we can dress them down or up to match our style and preferences on the day, plus they’re comfortable and warm – a win-win, we say!  

3. Comfy shoes are a must

The footwear to wear to a music festival is key. There is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable shoes at a festival! Depending on the size of the festival, you could be walking quite a bit and end up on your feet all day long. Then add the weather into the mix, and you really want to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Winter festivals means finding comfy shoes that also retain heat and for this we think ankle wellies are always a good choice because they’re designed for winter wear and keep your feet warmer than those plain ol’ trainers. 

In saying that, lots of people opt for mid-calf Wellington boots as they are stylish look to wear with a dress or leggings. Plus, if you’re on the lookout for footwear to wear to a music festival in the rain, these wellies will be sure to keep your feet and legs protected from morning to night, rain or shine.

4. Opt for long socks and warm leggings

In bitter winter weather, wearing long socks or leggings under your pants will add an extra layer of warmth and insulation. Plus, they work perfectly when wearing wellies as they add a layer between your skin and the boot. 

Colourful socks are always a fun and playful addition to your outfit. We're loving our Merry socks. They're made from Merino wool and organic cotton, perfect for keeping you warm without feeling too hot or sweaty while you dance the night away!

5. Accessories are the icing on the cake

Accessories always play a big role in the outfits we piece together for festivals, but if the festival is outside and you’re likely to be standing in cold weather for long periods of time, they play an even bigger role! Opt for a cute beanie that matches your outfit, and matching gloves or a scarf to keep your hands and neck protected and warm. 

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