Unisex Boots

Unisex Boots


Merry People gumboots are the ultimate wellies for families, adults or kids, with a huge range of bright pops of colour, neutral tones, and classic unisex Wellington boot. Boots that are practical for a rainy commute and ready to style with any outfit? Yes please! 

We’re here to answer some of the questions you might have about unisex boots! Maybe you’re wondering: what are unisex boots, can they suit any foot shape, and (perhaps most importantly) how do you pick the best fit for your feet? Let’s get started.

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Our Unisex Wellie Designs

We made sure that our boots can be worn by anyone who wants to wear them! Still equipped with all the features and technology you expect from our boots, we’ve extended our original range to have more generous sizing, so they are comfortable and easily wearable for feet of larger size or width. Whether you opt for a mid-calf boot, full-height wellies, or casual ankle boots, your new unisex wellies will keep your toes warm, dry, and supported in even the worst weather conditions with:

  • 100% waterproof outer materials
  • Flexible neoprene lining for comfort and movement
  • Natural, vegan, high-quality rubber
  • A year-long warranty

Wellies are one of the most practical items of footwear you can own, and they need to work hard to navigate mud, rain, ice, and any other obstacles that cross your path - but you don’t need to sacrifice comfort or style! Each pair of boots features our iconic design, handy pull-tabs for easy removal, and comes in a wide colour spectrum, from Slate Grey to Mustard Yellow, deep Magenta to classic Black.

Picking the Right Unisex Wellie Fit

You can find a size guide on each of our wellie boot product description pages, with comparable sizing in UK, EU, and US measurements, so selecting the right size is simple. If you wear a half-size, we suggest rounding down, although, if you have particularly narrow or broad feet, it is wise to double-check before you order! Whip out that measuring tape!

Here’s how to measure your feet at home for the ideal wellie boot fit: 

  1. Either ask a friend or family member to help, or you can draw the outline of your foot on a piece of paper. If you’re leaning over, it can be tricky to get an accurate measurement, so asking for help is what we recommend!
  2. Ensure your foot is flat on the paper or against the floor when measuring. Our feet can spread slightly when standing outright, so you might find a small variance in the measurements. This won’t affect your fit too much.
  3. Measure across the ball of your foot at the widest point - this is your inner sole width. If you like to wear chunky, thick socks, it’s important to account for this and check against the inner sole width rather than the width of the boot itself.
  4. Next, measure the length of your foot from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe. This size indicates the correct inner sole length (as opposed to the length of the whole boot).
  5. Finally, use a tape measure to find your calf width. Wrap it around your calf to check your measurements. You can use a piece of string or ribbon and then compare this to a ruler if you don’t have a tape measure.

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If you want a full-height pair of wellies, it’s well worth making sure the boot opening is the right size so you don’t experience any rubbing if you’re wearing boots against bare skin. Our comprehensive size charts can help you match your measurements to the perfect pair of unisex wellies, or you can contact Merry People online through our live chat function if you need a little more advice - we’re happy to help!

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