Family Wellies

Family Wellies


A matching set of family Wellington boots is a great way to coordinate your outdoor adventures, involve the kids in gardening, and spend quality time together – without any cold toes or wet feet in sight!

However, finding unisex boots that come in mix-and-match styles (with kids’ wellies made with just as much attention to detail as adult Wellington boots!) isn’t always easy. This is where Merry People comes in, with our inclusive range of wellies for every family member, comfortable vegan rubber materials, flexible neoprene, and a colour spectrum to suit every age and preference.

Practical Wellie-Buying for Families

Looking to buy some practical wellies for your family? The first consideration to keep in mind is what you plan to wear your wellies for. Our lower-profile wellies are great all-around and are designed for mud, rain, and puddles with added grip for non-slip walks and a snug inner material tested to sub-zero temperatures.

Here are some of the features we’d prioritise, particularly when choosing boots for the kids:

  • Tough grips and tread on the sole: this reduces the potential for skidding in wetter weather or icy conditions.
  • Pull tabs: struggling to wrestle your boots off after a busy day is a pain, so we include pull tabs so you can slip your wellies on and off with ease (this is ideal for those smaller hands!).
  • Waterproof outers: wet, cold feet can quickly become unpleasant, so it’s important to have a fully waterproof material designed for durability.

In terms of sizing, generally, your wellies should be the same size as your other shoes. While it is common to wear thicker socks for hiking or to tuck waterproof trousers into your boots, we still recommend you buy the same size in wellies as you do other footwear. If you’re normally a half size, we recommend sizing down, but it could be useful to measure your feet using our measurements!

If you’re buying quality family wellies to stand up to more intensive activities, such as farm work, spending hours working in the garden, or keeping your feet comfortable and warm during longer outdoor days, a full-height pair of gumboots might be a better choice!


a family having fun at the park wearing merry boots

Colour-Coordinated Family Boots

Merry People Bobbi Kids wellies come in four great shades: Alpine Green, Dusty Pink, Mustard Yellow, and Oxford Blue with a Tan neoprene lining. All these colours are available in the unisex adult Bobbi Wellington range, with several complementary options such as Pear Green, Beetroot Red, and Lavender, which are fantastic ways to add colour and energy to a rainy day.

You can opt for a full set of matching wellies if you like to be coordinated, or why not pick a favourite colour for each family member – you could even opt for a rainbow effect!

We also stock classic black, tan and slate grey, which are hugely popular colours for a universally stylish boot that works equally well with everyday clothes and workwear as with an outdoor set of clothing. The key is always to ensure that everyone has a pair of wellies that feel comfortable, secure, and supportive on their feet, making outdoor days enjoyable, relaxed, and blister-free.

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