Adult Wellington Boots

Adult Wellington Boots


We all know that reliable family wellies that won’t spring a leak or start to rub halfway through a long wintery hike are worth their weight in gold! So, it begs the question; which are the best adult Wellington boots that will truly walk the walk?

Today, we’ll run through some advice about choosing outdoor boots that are designed for comfort, durability, and practicality while still being smart, stylish wellies that you’ll be happy to wear.

Features to Look for in Adult Wellies

High-legged wellies that come just beneath the knee are great for particularly bad weather or walking in snow or ice, whereas a Chelsea boot with a lower profile is perfect for commuting to work or general outdoor activities when you need to keep your feet warm and dry.

In terms of sizing, generally, your wellies should be the same size as your other shoes. While it is common to wear thicker socks for hiking or to tuck waterproof trousers into your boots, we still recommend you buy the same size in wellies as you do other footwear. If you’re normally a half size, we recommend sizing down, but it could be useful to measure your feet using our measurements!

We’d also suggest you look at the sole and tread of your boots – these make a big difference in grip when the ground underfoot is wet and slippery. The deeper the tread, the better the stability. Our Bobbi wellies come with an enhanced traction sole that means you can walk with confidence!

Which Is the Best Adult Boot for Cold Weather?

Merry People Wellingtons feature a neoprene lining, a material originally used to make diving suits! It’s a great insulator that can withstand even sub-zero temperatures and is an ideal way to retain body temperature without layers of fabric that become too hot and sticky.

Neoprene linings are also quick-drying and provide a cushioned effect for insulated, supported toes to avoid aches and pains that are common in wellies with a simpler design or with an entirely flat sole. The included arch support is also essential because longer walks can create pressure on your feet, causing back and leg pain as well as sore soles – if you’re wearing wellies for several hours, this feature is probably the most important!

Looking for a fully featured mid-calf wellie that will keep pace with the wettest and muddiest of days? We’d recommend the Darcy Mid-Calf Wellington Boot – with its height and adjustable calf strap, it’ll fit snugly around your legs without preventing natural movement and bending.

We also often get asked: what are the best men’s wellies for wet weather? We’d recommend a pair of our-fit unisex boots that come in many neutral colours. Waterproof, warm and practical!

spraying the boots

How to Maintain Wellies to Maximise Their Lifespan

Natural rubber is one of the most durable, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free materials around and will last for years to come with a little TLC. Rubber boots can be treated with a spray to keep them supple and supportive while retaining perfect shape. Additionally, using a buffer can bring out the sheen and restore your outdoor boots to as-new condition.

Merry People stocks a handy care kit complete with protectants, treatments, and a microfibre cloth. You can also make sure to store them outside of direct sunlight to prevent the rubber from becoming brittle and remove excess mud buildup after each day to keep them looking their best.

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