Are Chelsea Boots Male or Female?

Are Chelsea Boots Male or Female?


The iconic Chelsea boots style has been around for decades and is a unisex type of footwear; suitable for men or women. This classic ankle boot style is the inspiration behind our modern interpretation of an all-weather wellie, the Bobbi Boot. The Bobbi Boot is the perfect combination of iconic, timeless style and comfortable functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at the background of the Chelsea boot, how it got its name, and explore the features that make this style stand out.

Why Are These Boots Called ‘Chelsea Boots?’

Like so many wardrobe staples, Chelsea boots originated in London between the 1950s and 1960s. They were a huge part of the modernist movement and were named after the Chelsea borough and Kings Road, in particular, and were seen on the feet of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

What Are The Best Men's Wellies?

While celebrities of the day might have popularised Chelsea boots, the wearable, practical-yet-cool boot has remained relevant over the last seventy years. In today’s fashion, you might be wondering: what are the best men’s wellies with a Chelsea boot cut? Merry People’s best-selling Bobbi Wellington is designed with the Chelsea boot style in mind, incorporating those all-important stretchy side panels, pull tabs, and comfortable ankle-height profile.

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Chelsea Boots Design Features 

The Pull Tab

One of the key design elements of the original Chelsea boot was the pull tab, originally designed for horse riders and walkers. This small, discreet tab is built for  function and makes it much easier to slip the boots on or off.

Ankle Height

Chelsea boots should be almost exactly at ankle height–they’re not a shorter shoe that comes up underneath your ankles, nor are they mid-calf!

Boot Heel

Chunky soles with an efficient grip, elasticated material inserts, and a simple rounded toe make Chelsea boots versatile and practical, while a few added extras in the Merry People Bobbi Boots, such as foot arch supports and a thermal neoprene lining, ensure you won’t get frosty toes or sore feet, regardless of the weather conditions.

Fun fact! Early Chelsea boots had a Cuban heel for a little lift in height – this was another popular feature for men’s and women’s boots in the 1960s and 1970s, although modern versions normally have a thicker sole rather than an exaggerated heel.

Elastic Panel

The elastic panel on the sides of the Bobbi Boot is a unique feature in outdoor Wellingtons, which, conventionally, can feel restrictive and tight against shins and calves. Adding the pliable neoprene is dual-purpose; it can withstand sub-zero temperatures and is quick-drying and supportive, but it also allows you to add a pair of socks without needing to size up your wellies.

Chelsea Boot Wellies: Practicality And Style

Chelsea boots have stood the test of time because they combine two important elements: practicality and style. Their look is classic and easy to wear, with a sleek profile, simple boot shape, and hint of heritage–while being both functional and comfortable.

Traditional Chelsea boots were made from leather or suede, but with our Bobbi Boots (and all our other wellies!), we’ve swapped this for 100% vegan rubber. Rubber is an ideal material for insulative, flexible wellie boots that look as good as the originals and keep your feet as protected as possible!

Although we’ve upgraded the materials and manufacturing techniques used to make our Bobbi Boot, they still meet the original style brief – a boot that would look just as great with a casual pair of jeans as with a formal outfit, for men and women alike!


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