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Stories of Merry People: Why Garden Designer Lottie Delamain Feels Most Merry Outdoors!

Stories of Merry People: Why Garden Designer Lottie Delamain Feels Most Merry Outdoors!


Since Merry People's beginnings, we've been lucky enough to connect with some incredible people who lead a life of adventure, kindness and merriness.
This series is all about sharing the stories of people who are doing just that!

For this "Stories of Merry People", we had a chat with garden designer Lottie Delamain @lottie_delamain. Lottie started out in the patterned world of textiles and homewares, but quickly fell in love with the equally rich and textured world of garden design. Endlessly inspired by nature's magic, Lottie now creates gardens that tell stories in Somerset and beyond. Lottie is wearing our Beetroot & Light Pink Bobbi Wellington Boots to keep her feet comfortable and cosy as she brings her creative visions to life.
Read the interview with Lottie below!

Tell us about your business, what inspired it?

I’m a garden designer – I retrained after living abroad working as a textile and homewares designer. Living in Asia in high density cities made me realise how much I love and need the outdoors and the incredible tropical flora out there really cemented my love of plants. We now live in Somerset, and I work on projects all over the country but colour, form, pattern repeat are still the building blocks for how I think about gardens.

lottie delamain wearing merry boots and a coat in the garden 

Lottie is keeping warm outdoors in our Beetroot & Light Pink Bobbi Wellington Boots!

When do you feel most Merry?

Unsurprisingly I feel most merry when outside – it’s such a cliché but I am just endlessly inspired by nature’s magic – the incredible colours, crazy natural patterns, the extra- terrestial shapes of flowers and plants up close. My favourite days are in the garden at the weekend – everyone busy pottering, maybe a bonfire (usually lasts about 10 minutes before one of the kids starts whinging!) and then stopping for a beer and a BBQ sausage at lunch, which we do all through the winter.

What are your outdoor essentials?

Outdoor essentials – boring but important, coats. I have a Stand Studio quilted number which is like wearing a duvet and I live in it and love it. A pink Rains mac when it rains! Secateurs on a walk for snipping old man’s bead, or some lovely leaves to have in the studio as inspiration or to make a wreath. Sunnies – I hate squinting. And some kind of a hat – my fringe is prone to frizzing!

How do you slow down and switch off?  

I switch off by walking – there’s a hill by our house which has incredible views over to Glastonbury Tor and it never fails to shift my mood in the right direction. I try and go on a walk before breakfast a few times a week to escape the chaos of a family breakfast and just have some quiet alone time. I also love reading, usually have a couple on the go. At the moment it’s Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine by Elizabeth David and Finding the Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard.

a shot of red merry boots and black jeans

checking out the leaves wearing red merry boots

What places do you love exploring in your area?

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Somerset – Alfred’s Tower never fails to amaze – it’s in the middle of an ancient majestic beech forest, you get a real sense history in those trees, and the kids love tearing about playing hide and seek. We just had a lovely weekend at The Beckford Arms in Fonthill Gifford which was both beautiful and very restorative – gorgeous walking and excellent pub and rooms. Hauser and Wirth for a dose of world-class culture. And a quick trip down to the beach at Burton Bradstock to blow away the cobwebs, or for fish and chips on the cobb at Lyme Regis is always welcome.



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