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Samantha Gash: Putting the Bobbi Boots Through Their Paces!

A line of Merry People boots are set against the shore line of a beach


What do you love about your Bobbi Boots? "They literally make me feel joyful, comfortable and able to weather any storm!"   

We're so excited to introduce our partnership with Samantha Gash, an endurance athlete from Australia. Sam's life is full of adventure and merriness making; whether running through the deserts of Chile, traversing the Himalayas or clocking up steps across the mountains of India, Nepal and New Zealand! (And these are just some of the things she's gotten up to!) Her pursuit of women's empowerment, personal growth, social change and impact have us excited to share her story with you, in the hopes that telling it will bring inspiration for how you can positively navigate your way in the world!

We're so excited to be partnering with Sam on her journey in 2023. Read more about the partnership with Merry People below: 


Sam’s words on the partnership. Why did you want to partner with Merry People?

My sister introduced me to Merry People’s after she bought a pair for my Mum and I for Christmas. It’s fair to say I became obsessed with my Mustard Yellow & Black pair. It formed part of my everyday uniform - as a Mum, dweller of the Dandenong Ranges where I call home, to the trail heads, on the trails and even on a couple of stages as a speaker. 

I love that the founder of Merry People (Dani) is a kickass yet humble and warm woman. Most of my friends now have a pair and we make a very colourful and merry squad!

green boots by the beach

Dani's (CEO & founder of Merry People) words on the partnership. Why did you want to partner with Sam?

Sam has been a customer of ours for some time now. I remember seeing her share Merry People on her socials, feeling excited that she had a pair of our boots and that she was such an advocate for our brand. So it felt like a very organic partnership to work with Sam. 

Sam is the definition of a Merry Person, she is happy, bubbly, adventurous and walking her own pathway! 

Like myself, she had shifted from the corporate life to follow a life of happiness and started her own business ‘Her Trails’, a global female adventure platform which empowers women to discover their resilience, self-reliance and adventure through connecting to the trail, nature and themselves. 

From being the first woman (and youngest at the time!) to run across four of the hottest, driest, coldest and windiest deserts across the world, to her TedX talk challenging the barriers of our own comfort zones, Sam is nothing short of an inspiration. Her passion for better change is admirable and infectious. 

Myself and the team are so proud to be supporting Sam & Her Trails and we look forward to sharing Sam's work with you. 

group photo of the participants at Samantha's eventMore about Sam...

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Firstly I am Mumma to nearly 5 year old Harry and like so many women I wear many fabulous and varied ‘boots’. 

I am a former lawyer turned endurance athlete-adventurer, lover of the trails and explorer of places and cultures beyond my known. Over the past decade I have run on every continent, in some of the most extreme and inhospitable places on the planet. Cue scenes of running through the deserts of Chile, China, Egypt and Antarctica, the mountains of India, Nepal and New Zealand. 

These pursuits have allowed me to accumulate more steps than the circumference of the earth (fyi - 40,075km). My purpose is to connect these moves and advocate for women’s empowerment, social change and access to education. Through incredible partnerships and collaborations, such as an already 7 year relationship as a Goodwill Ambassador for World Vision, I’ve raised over $1.5 million for social justice initiatives and emergency relief campaigns. 

In 2021 I co-founded a global female adventure platform called Her Trails. Through holistic trail running programs from 10kms through to 100 kms, immersive adventure retreats, environmental campaigns, a powerfully supportive community and partnerships - our goal is for women to cultivate their resilience, connection and joy.

Samantha coaching people on the sand

What’s coming up for you this year?

Towards the end of 2022 I traversed Nepal’s Himalayas from the west to the east with a girlfriend. The project was titled Resilience in Motion and we chose to raise funds and awareness for women in rural Nepal. The actual expedition was challenged by devastating storms, landslides and flash flooding. Which changed the entire framework of what we did. This year a documentary will come out on the experience. 

Outside of that I am focusing on our Her Trails business, writing my first book (ahhh) and spending time with my son before he starts his first year of school in 2024.

portrait of the mustard boots

Quick fire... 

What makes you merry?

Connection, kindness and the trails.

What Bobbi Boot colours do you have? 

Lime & Olive, Mustard Yellow & Black!

What do you love about your Bobbi Boots?

They literally make me feel joyful, comfortable and able to weather any storm!!  

Where’s the most adventurous place you’ve worn your Bobbi Boots?

I wore them on a 7km hike with a 10kg backpack on in Bruny Island. I moved through a single track and traversed sand and loose rocks and boulders. 


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