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Belle Brockhoff: Taking the Bobbi Boots to New Heights!

Belle Brockhoff: Taking the Bobbi Boots to New Heights!


"Where’s the most adventurous place you’ve worn your Bobbi Boots? I've worn them on the highest glacier in the Tirol region of Austria!"

We're so excited to introduce our partnership with Belle Brockhoff, a World Champion snowboarder from Australia. Aside form being extremely talented and skilled in all things winter sports, Belle truly embodies the essence of Merry People. She leads a life of adventure, kindness and merriness, and we're fortunate to be partnering with her on her journey in 2023. 

Read more about Belle's partnership with Merry People below: 


Belle’s words on the partnership. Why did you want to partner with Merry People?

I wanted to partner with Merry People not only because of their quality Wellingtons but also for their kind and warm community. Merry People in the snow just makes sense to me. They are durable, waterproof, grippy, sleek looking and hella warm! Not to mention an Australian brand too! 

I can strongly relate to the beliefs of Merry People. At this point in my career, it's taken a lot of trust and courage in myself to step out into the unknown and try to find new things that will spark a new kind of fire to my training and my approach to my sport. By sharing my story, I hope it shows people that it's okay to start from zero again in order to find new highs. You just have to back yourself. 

Lastly, the Merry People boots remind me of my childhood. I grew up in two areas, the first part of my life was in Byron Bay, New South Wales and then the second was on a farm in Dromana, Victoria. I worked on the farm and we always wore steel cap boots and wellies. Wellingtons were my favourite as I was always running after, and caring for, the lambs and calves in muddy fields.


Bella wearing black boots in the icey mountains

Dani's (CEO & founder of Merry People) words on the partnership. Why did you want to partner with Belle?

One of the amazing things that I am fortunate enough to do as a business owner, is to give back to areas of the community where I want to see change and where I want to make a difference. 

Sport and fitness has played a huge part in my life as a child right through to being an adult. It has taught me lessons that have helped me with Merry People. Lessons around; goal setting, moving forward from failure, listening to coaches, showing up when I have wanted to sleep in, pushing through when I want to stop and striving for a goal. 

When I met Belle, I instantly felt her authenticity and her determination. I learnt about her journey, some of her struggles and her goal of winning gold for Australia. An achievement that would inspire so many young women - and a goal I wanted to support! 

Merry People is all about living a life of adventure and choosing a pathway that gives you happiness -  a journey Belle is on and one that I am so proud to support. Belle is also a big supporter of the LGBTIQ community, a community where I have always been a strong ally.

We look forward to sharing more of Belle's journey! 

Ice moutains


More about Belle...

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a World Champion snowboarder from Australia and made history as the first Australian woman to medal at a snowboardcross World Cup, and win a World Championship gold medal. 

I’ve represented Australia at three Winter Olympic Games (2014, 2018 & 2022), three World Championships and two X Games. I've won four World Cups, with a total of 14 World Cup medals and in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games I competed without an ACL, finishing 11th. 

During my down time, I’m studying for a Bachelor of Commerce and Law at Deakin University, majoring in Economics; and have a genuine passion for photography. 

What’s coming up for you this year?

At the start of the year I'll be overseas and have a few world cups coming up in February and March. I also have the World Championships in Georgia at the start of March where I'll be defending my title. 

This year I'm looking forward to trying out the new race snowboards, which I’ve designed with my board maker, Oxess. I feel these will be a lot faster than my current ones.

Overall, I’ve stripped back almost all things in my life for a complete reset and rebuild since the last Olympics. I did this because I wanted a different result as I wasn't happy with what I placed. So far it’s been a growing positive feeling and I expect to see the real results in next season's tour. Patience and hard work has been key for me. 

Bella standing on wood logs

Quick fire... 

What Bobbi Boot colours do you have? 

I have the classic Black and the Mustard Yellow for a bit of spice!

What do you love about your Bobbi Boots?

I love that they are waterproof and above my ankle which helps keep my feet dry when walking through the snow. I love that they have great traction, are super warm and look like a fashion piece that I can wear everyday. 

How do you feel when you put on your Bobbi Boots?

I feel warm and happy! I hate getting cold and wet feet! 

Where’s the most adventurous place you’ve worn your Bobbi Boots?

I've worn them on the highest glacier in the Tirol region of Austria!

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