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Stories of Merry People: A List of Layla Andrews' Favourite Merry Things

Stories of Merry People: A List of Layla Andrews' Favourite Merry Things


Since Merry People's beginnings, we've been lucky enough to connect with some incredible people who lead a life of adventure, kindness and merriness.
This series is all about sharing the stories of people who are doing just that!

For this "Stories of Merry People", we had a chat with artist Layla Andrews @laylandrews. Layla is a globally recognised UK based artists, with many of her artworks collected all across the world. At 19, her portrait of the former president was noticed by President Obama - the subject himself- who praised Layla’s work and encouraged her to continue pursuing her passion for art. Layla is wearing our Black & Black Bobbi Wellington Boots in and out of the studio as she continues to creatively navigate through life, art and all that's in between.
Read the interview with Layla below!

Tell us about what you're currently working on, and what inspired it!

My name is Layla Andrews and I am a UK based artist working between London and Brighton. I am currently working on a new collection for my upcoming solo show in Soho. The collection is inspired by the tiny island my Grandad is from and our first visit there a few months ago. I am currently spending incredibly long days in the studio and trying very hard not to get paint on my Merry boots!

layla wearing black boots on a skirt

Layla enjoying the beautiful Brighton view in our Black & Black Bobbi Wellington Boots

When do you feel most Merry?

Oh, that’s a hard one. Painting, reading, chatting, cooking, pottering in my garden/gardening... the list is long. But I am particularly merry when walking around my local carboot sale on a Sunday morning.

layla enjoying her drink

How do you slow down and switch off?  

Getting into or as near as you can to the sea. I feel really lucky to have it at the end of my road, so peaceful and grounding!

I am quite into my investigative/ crime podcasts. And reading,  I am currently reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers - I would definitely recommend.

black boots on a skirt

What places do you love exploring in your area?

Brighton Marina carboot sale and Kemptown Flea Market for all second hand treasure. For drinking it has to be the Hand in Hand or The Well!



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