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Which Merry People Value Represents Your Mother? Happy Mother's Day!

Which Merry People Value Represents Your Mother? Happy Mother's Day!

A Merry Mother’s Day!

Here at Merry People, we love Wellies. But one thing we love more than Wellies is our mums! So this year to celebrate Mothers Day (besides sending Wellingtons, cards, and flowers!) we looked at our values and thought about the ways the values we have here at Merry People remind us of our mums! 

Our values are the foundation of how we work at Merry People. They are:


We aim to be transparent in what we communicate and always look for opportunities where we can improve. We always try to do what feels right as a brand and in line with our values.


To us, kindness is treating everyone with understanding and respect, from our suppliers to our customers and everyone in between.


We embrace trying new things, stepping outside of our comfort zones and finding different pathways. 


To make people feel merry, carefree and positive when they connect with our brand.

Without further ado, let's discover which values some of our team members feel relates to their mum!

Keiran and his mum!

Keiran with his mum

My mum is an embodiment of the Merry People value of authenticity as she has always been true to her values and beliefs and has instilled the same in me and my two sisters. Her commitment to authenticity reflects in her honest and integral ways of living, as she encouraged us to live our lives being true to ourselves and never compromising on our values. As a mother of three, she has shown her unwavering love for her children whilst also ensuring that we grow up to be authentic individuals. Her actions have always taught us to live with honesty and integrity and ultimately live the MERRY way of life!

Anthony's mum (and dad!)

Anthony's Mum and Dad

My mum represents kindness to me. I asked my mum some time ago why she still calls me and checks in if I am having a hard time over something. She said that although your kids grow up and live their own lives they never stop being your child no matter what age.

I am 50+ and my 80+ mum with all the health issues that life brings in old age, still asks me if I need anything and if I am OK.

That’s the life lesson I have from my mother.

Pete and his mum

From skiing down the slopes to swinging on clotheslines and gleefully trudging through the mud, my mum truly lives life to the fullest. Her carefree spirit and unwavering sense of wonder inspires me and my siblings to appreciate the little things in life and find adventure in everyday moments. Thanks to mum, we've learned to approach each day with open minds and hearts, eager to explore all the wonders that surround us.

From all of us at Merry People, wishing everyone the merriest Mother's Day!! xx 

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