Do Wellies Have Good Grip?

Do Wellies Have Good Grip?

Do Wellies Have Good Grip?

If you enjoy dancing in the rain and being confident when navigating muddy terrains, having a pair of wellies is an essential part of one’s life! So, it’s important to know how good their grip is. With wet weather making any activity a potentially treacherous affair, a good grip should come right after water resistance when it comes to the important features to look out for in the best adult Wellington boots.

Having a good grip in water is all about how water is channelled out and away from the boot, thereby letting the sole of the boot make safe contact with the ground. Much as a quality set of tires helps to maintain a grip on the road by driving the water out and away, the best wellies will guide the water out and away from your soles.

Some people looking for wellies with good grip might wonder if wellies are good for hikingoverall, our boots have been designed to get you where you need to go and keep you warm, dry, and looking sharp along the way. Our Darcy Mid-Calf Wellingtons will definitely get you through the soggiest bog of mud in your yard, but they are probably not suited for more challenging and rocky terrain. Our Bobbi Wellington Boots would be sorted to your weekend hikes, provided they give you the ankle support you’re looking for! 

Looking for worksafe boots? While our Darcy Mid-Calf Wellingtons and Bobbi Wellington Boots have an enhanced traction sole that's certified by the internationally recognised firm Intertek, they aren’t made for a work-heavy environment and don’t carry any work-safe accreditations. You should always use your best judgement about where it's safe to walk and be careful around puddles you can’t see the bottom of.

black boots on icewashing off green wellies

Insulating And Removable

With our neoprene lining, you’ll never find yourself wishing you’d brought a warmer pair of socks, and when you get home, getting your wellies off is easy – while seated, just get a grip on the heel, pull away from your foot, and they’ll slip right off.

Dry Weather Fashion

What about after the rain stops? You still have your whole day ahead of you! That’s why all of our boots are everyday lifestyle boots that happen to be waterproof, warm, and stylish. Made to blend in whether you’re on the go at the grocery store or going out for a night on the town, they’re so comfortable, you just might wear them everywhere.

Shorter Boots For A Sleeker Fit

For those who love the warm and cosy feeling of a pair of wellies but don’t feel the need for a mid-calf boot, our Bobbi Ankle Wellingtons come in a range of merry colours, including dual-colour options. We’ve got the perfect colour to match your style while providing the comfort and reliability you’d expect from a pair of everyday wellies.

We also offer a slip-on alternative – the cousin of our Bobbi Wellingtons – our Billie Clogs are easy to pop on and off as you head in and out of the house!

Looking For Wellies With Good Grip?

Well-made wellies should always have a good grip, comfortable and be functional too. That’s where Merry People’s high-quality, fashionable Wellington boots come in – give us a try today!


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