Are Chelsea Boots Unisex?

Are Chelsea Boots Unisex?

Are Chelsea Boots Unisex?

With the swinging 1960s came a complete overhaul of the Western sense of fashion. As part of this change in the fashion landscape, Chelsea boots became a common sight on the streets of, well, Chelsea! The historic London district, and specifically Kings Road was the origin for the popular boot style. Everyone from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones was seen wearing them, proving both men and women could wear them, and solidifying their popularity globally.

Fashion At An Affordable Price

The good news is that you don’t have to have The Beatles money to get the look! Here at Merry People, we believe in pairing fashion and reliability with affordability. Priced for quality and durability, you’ll find our unisex Wellington boots to be the perfect balance of function at reasonable prices. 

Colours to Suit Anyone’s Style

If you’re wondering what colour wellies you should get, you’ll be in for a treat! Our Bobbi Ankle Wellingtons come in fourteen different colours to suit every outfit you have, from Alpine Green to match your favourite green jacket to Chocolate and Black that pairs with your most stylish set of trousers.

When we designed our Chelsea-style Bobbi Ankle Wellingtons, we created a pair of boots to keep you warm and dry, that would also serve as a fashion statement.

Whether you’re a man on the move looking for a men’s short Wellington boot, or a woman wanting to look stylish for a day out at the weekend festival, our boots come in enough colours to fit every situation you’ll find yourself in. With its thick enhanced traction sole giving you good grip in and out of the puddles, our Bobbi Ankle Wellingtons might just become your favourite pair of shoes for all-day comfort.

Unisex Boots

Functional And Fashionable

Like all Chelsea-style boots, our Bobbi Ankle Wellingtons are easy to slip on with cotton pull-loops at both the front and the back. Our 100% natural rubber construction means that no matter how wet the weather is, your feet will stay completely dry and your outfit will be suited to the office and the fields!

Dryness isn’t the only factor in play when choosing a pair of Wellingtons – retaining warmth is also a critical part of the equation. Humidity works both ways, making hot days hotter and cold days colder, and that's why it's important that shoe fabric is both warm and breathable. Our flexible neoprene lining is perfect for keeping your toes warm on the coldest of sub-zero days while being breathable enough to wick away the moisture in summer. 

Lastly, with our enhanced traction sole tested by internationally recognized laboratory firm Intertek, you won’t need to worry about slipping if you find yourself in wet weather. The pattern on the sole is designed to send water out and away from the boot while the rubber sides ensure that water slides right off.

Chelsea boots are iconic for a reason — they transcend gender and suit any style! No matter who you are, our Merry People Bobbi Wellingtons can elevate your look while keeping you comfortable.

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