How To Get Wellies Off Easily

How To Get Wellies Off Easily

How to Get Wellies off Easily

Whether you’ve spent your day running errands or wearing your unisex Wellington boots for a trip around the block on a rainy afternoon, the first thing you’ll probably do when coming home is pop your wellies off and slide down onto the couch!

Most folks just use the toe of one boot to get ahold of the heel of the other boot and pull them off. While this method is certainly the quickest, it can also lead to unnecessary damage on your boot (it’s also a great way to muddy up the toes of one of your socks!).

getting off black wellies

Stay Safe While Slipping Them Off

For those wearing our Darcy Mid-Calf Wellingtons, just as it's important to find wellies with a good grip, it’s best to find a seat when taking them off. Sit down, and just grab ahold of one of the heels and pull it away from your foot, and it’ll slide right off!

If you’re feeling acrobatic, you can balance against a wall while you lift your foot and calf sideways to your knee so you can properly get a hold of the heel and pull your way out. That being said, we’ve designed our Wellington boots to come off as easily as possible, and once you have a firm grip on the heel, you’ll find your foot slides out smoothly every time.

Once your shoes are off, because they are 100% waterproof, feel free to give them a spray with your hose out back if they have any mud stuck to them. Alternatively, you could do this before taking them off, or just wait for the mud to dry and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Our Wellingtons are sturdy enough for everyday uses – from sloshing around the garden to heading to the grocery store for your weekly shop. And now you know how to get your Darcy Mid-Calf Wellingtons off easily, you will most likely be more up to wearing them for everyday!

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Shorter Boots for Easy Removal

For those of us who don’t need to slosh around in mud past our ankles, our Bobbi Ankle Wellingtons provide the perfect amount of 100% waterproof protection while managing a stylish look you can wear for any occasion. With so many colourways to choose from you’ll find yourself wondering, what colour wellies should I get?

Our Bobbi Ankle Wellingtons come with a convenient pull tab at both the front and the rear of the boot, making it easy to grab in a flash so you can leave the mud at the door before you dash inside. We suggest you sit down for removal of these too, as it’ll make the process that much smoother!

With our Bobbi Ankle Wellingtons, you may be tempted to use your opposite foot to toe off the boot – however, this can cause added stress to the rubber and increase the chances of it cracking prematurely.

Lastly, for the ultimate in slip-on-slip-off comfort, our Billie Clogs offer all the same waterproof convenience as the Bobbi Ankle Wellingtons, minus the upper half of the shoe. This option is perfect for those short hops out to the grocery store or when Fido demands a quick romp to the corner and back. 

In Conclusion

Good wellies are the perfect blend of warmth and security, and when they’re well-made, they’re a snap to get off. That’s why Merry People boots are the best choice – our high-quality, comfortable, and stylish Wellington boots are perfect for any weather or occasion, and are easy to get on and off, no matter where you’ve been!

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