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Stories of Merry People: From Seed To Bloom With Paris Alma And Milli Proust

Stories of Merry People: From Seed To Bloom With Paris Alma And Milli Proust

 Since Merry People's beginnings, we've been lucky enough to connect with some incredible people who lead a life of adventure, kindness and merriness.

This series is all about sharing the stories of people who are doing just that!

In our latest "Stories of Merry People," we had a chat with florists Paris Alma and Milli Proust from Alma Proust in West Sussex. These two creatives share how they find merriness on their flower farm, how they slow down, and what they have coming up for their seed business. Join us in discovering their vibrant, flower-filled world, where sustainable blooms and artistic expression grow together.
Read the interview with Paris and Milli below!

Tell us about what you're currently working on, and what inspired it!

We’re Paris Alma and Milli Proust, we have a flower farm, floral design studio and seed business under the name Alma Proust. We work with the seasons and grow a flower crop in rhythm with nature using organic practices for our own design work, our seed shop and for other florists.

Paris and Milli in the flower field

 Paris and Milli out in the flower field in our Chocolate & Black Bobbi Wellington Boots

Merriness! For us, it's dancing in the rain and splashing carefree in puddles. What does it mean to you?

We love savouring the seasons as they come and designing with what we grow as and when they flower. Nurturing the flowers here from seed to bloom and seeing all our hard work in winter pay off in such an abundance of beauty from spring through to autumn brings us much merriment and joy.

Out in the flower fields

How do you slow down and switch off?  

It takes at least 3 months, sometimes up to a year, for our seeds to go from sowing to mature blooms ready to harvest, so although we’re always busy and there’s much to do, we are reminded constantly of the need for patience and to slow down and relish in the moments when our favourite flowers return to work with each year. 

Being outside and working on the flower field, we’re always listening out for the birds and happily take time to listen to their songs as they swoop for insects and worms. Having waited for such a long time for certain ingredients, when they bloom we will always take the time to appreciate their beauty.

You'll often find us cooing over a freshly opened flower. For Paris, it's the sweet peas that bring the loudest joy, and for Milli, it's the roses; we have a shared enthusiasm for violas.

Chocolate Bobbi Boots

What's your style motto?

Comfort, cute and waterproof! Making sure we dress for whatever the weather may throw at us. Having warm, dry feet is a must so our Merry Boots are practical and useful to have on hand.

What's coming up for you this year?

We’ve worked separately on our seed businesses in past years and this year have joined forces to create something that is truly special. We see seeds as the promise of future beauty and we are so excited to share so many beautiful varieties in our illustrated packets.

Paris and Milli in the flower field

Where do you love to explore in your area?

Walks at Knepp, we love that they are re-wilding their land and concentrating on sustainability. We finish up a walk with a hot chocolate in their cafe. We also love to pop into The Makers Barn near Petworth, it’s full of wonderful crafts by local makers to purchase and take home.

Quick fire...

What do you love about your Bobbi Boots?

Waterproof, practical, comfy and stylish!

Who would you take with you on a merry adventure?

Secateurs, always! And a pin frog for arrangements.

What are your favourite colours to pair with your Bobbi Boots?

Sage green, lilac and peach!

Follow Milli and Paris's floral adventures on Instagram.

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