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Stories of Merry People: Designing Small Spaces with Joel Bird

Stories of Merry People: Designing Small Spaces with Joel Bird


From the very start of Merry People, our journey has been filled with the delight of encountering individuals who have created a life that is adventurous, joyful, and merry. The Stories of Merry People series is dedicated to sharing these incredible stories with the world! 

Meet Joel Bird @mrjoelbird! A Liverpool-born artist, garden designer and presenter on Channel 4's 'The Great Garden Revolution'. His passion for low-cost and simple designs inspires his creativity indoors, painting, and outdoors, in the garden. Find out what he does to slow down, be creative, and the adventures he gets up to in his Merry People!

Hey Joel! It’s so great to have you on the Stories of Merry People series, can you tell us a little bit about who you are, and what you do?

Hi, I'm Joel Bird. I am a designer and builder of sheds, gardens, and small spaces. I was the small spaces expert on BBC2's 'Your Garden Made Perfect' and presenter and garden designer on Channel 4's 'The Great Garden Revolution.'

Joel Bird in Beetroots

Joel is wearing our Bobbi Boots in Beetroot & Light Pink.

Let's chat slowing down and switching off. What peaceful routines bring you joy?

I relax by spending time outdoors, especially in my garden. I am a big nature person; I have been my whole life. I would go bird watching as a child; let's just say Wellington boots have been a major part of my life!

What’s your style motto?

I dress in vintage clothes, preferably second hand; I seldom buy new clothes. It's better for the environment. If I do, I buy quality shoes that will last a long time. I love colour; as a man, it can be difficult to find bright clothes sometimes, especially for a man my age. I have always dressed in an extravagant way since I was young. I think sometimes people thought I was trying to attract attention. It was never really that for me; it's another way to express myself, to have fun, and life is short!

Joel Bird in Beetroots

What’s coming up for you this year?

This year, I am building a studio in Margate which will also be a gallery and a place for filming. I am also writing a new book, and once the studio is finished, I am going to get back into painting pictures and making films.

Where do you love to explore in your area?

I am happiest when I am outside exploring nature; I love to walk the coast in Margate and go swimming. There are also quite a few bars to explore now in this town, and I don't mind a bit of that!

Joel Bird in Beetroots

Quick fire...

What do you love about your Bobbi Boots?

I love the choice of colours, the practicality, the comfort, that they are waterproof, and that they are easy to take on and off; tall wellies can be a bit much sometimes.

Who would you take with you on a merry adventure?

I would take my kids. What can I say; I just love being with them and having fun; everything is an adventure.

What are your favourite colours to pair with your Bobbi Boots?

I wish I had more colours! I just have the Beetroot Bobbis. I wear purples, turquoise, and pinks with them!

Follow Joel on his merry adventures - indoors and outside! - on Instagram.

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