Stories of Merry People: All About Textiles With Ellen Merchant

Stories of Merry People: All About Textiles With Ellen Merchant


Ever since the start of Merry People, we've had the joy of meeting people who live adventurous, kind, and merry lives. This series is all about sharing the amazing stories of people who do just that!

Meet Ellen Merchant @ellenmerchant; a West London-based textile designer and decorative artist, infusing interiors with handprinted fabrics and wallpapers. Her inspirations? Arts & Crafts design, vintage fashion, and the enchanting natural world. But that's just the beginning. Discover Ellen's outdoor essentials, her secret to switching off, and the hidden gems she cherishes in her area.
Join us as we delve into Ellen's creative haven, where patterns, landscapes, and joyful simplicity intertwine. 

Tell us about your business; what do you do?

I am a textile designer and decorative artist. I design and handprint fabrics and wallpapers for interiors from my studio in West London.

Ellen in her studio, with the Chilli Red Billie Clogs

Ellen in her studio, wearing Billie Clogs in Chilli Red.

What inspired your journey into printed papers and fabrics?

I have always loved drawing, when I discovered traditional printmaking and started designing patterns all my interests seemed to align. A lot of my prints are inspired by Arts & Crafts design, also vintage fashion, antique textiles and the beautiful flora and fauna that is around me!

Ellen in her studio wearing Chilli Red Billie Clogs

Here at Merry People, we love getting outside; rain or shine! What are your outdoor essentials?  

When out on a summer adventure I’ll always take some headphones with me, sunglasses and probably a snack. I am a huge advocate of comfy footwear and I also love a good hat - on a sunny day I won’t be seen without one!!

How do you slow down and switch off?

I love spending long evenings in my little garden, I find growing flowers and herbs really rewarding. I enjoy walking, so I always find a walk somewhere pretty very relaxing. I am at my happiest when on a day out at the seaside! Walks along the beach are the best, especially when they end with fish and chips.

Ellen Merchant in her garden wearing Billie Clogs

West London is a busy, vibrant spot! Tell us, what are the best places to visit in your area?

I am lucky to live and work by the Thames in London, so a lot of my favourite places involve pubs along the Thames path. I really love visiting Kew Gardens, it always gives me lots of inspiration for new designs.

Find out more about Ellen's work on her website, or join her on her merry adventures on Instagram.

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