How to Fix Wellington Boots

How to Fix Wellington Boots

It’s not uncommon for Wellington boots, commonly referred to as wellies, to develop a tear in the upper section. Most people end up throwing them out when this happens, but there’s no reason to tra...

tag__BootCareHow to Clean Kids Boots

How to Clean Kids Boots

  Children will never miss the opportunity to jump in a puddle or play hide and seek outside! Kids are too busy being cute to worry about cleanliness and having fun is their top priority, so the ma...

ProductCaring For Your Merry Boots - Merry People US

Caring For Your Merry Boots

Boot Care 101Our tips & tricks to keep your Merry People Wellies fresh for years! Merry People boots are high quality, durable, and designed to last for years - but all good things need a bi...