Caring For Your Merry Boots

Caring For Your Merry Boots - Merry People US
Boot Care 101
Our tips & tricks to keep your Merry People Wellies fresh for years!

Merry People boots are high quality, durable, and designed to last for years - but all good things need a bit of maintenance! 

We’ve put together some easy care instructions to keep your boots in great condition for longer, ensuring you are always ready for merry adventures. 


Merry People boots are made with natural rubber, which is a softer material that can fade and crack with continuous sun exposure. To protect your boots and prolong their life, we recommend you store them indoors so they’re not exposed to direct sunlight all of the time. 


Water inside your wellies? Use a hand towel to pat down and absorb as much as you can. Then stuff the boots with newspaper, and place the boots upside down in a warm place. After 24 hours, remove the newspaper & repeat this process if needed until dry. 


Dried mud and dirt on boots can cause the natural rubber to dry out, which may lead to cracks or discolouration. You can clean your Merry People boots quickly and easily using household items. Start by removing any excess dirt, then wipe them down with a cloth using warm water and a mild detergent. This method will work on the outer neoprene lining on the Bobbi boots too. For lighter neoprene, like on our Beetroot boots, use a textured cloth and gentle soap on any marks. We find that dishwashing liquid works or hand soap work well, or even a baby wipe if you are on the go or camping



While we often polish or condition our other footwear, it’s easy to forget about your boots. Treating your Merry People boots is simple to do, we suggest using a silicone-based product like found in our Merry People Care Kit. Silicone lubricant is used to protect from moisture - it’s often used on diving gear and auto equipment which makes it perfect for boots. A regular spray, wipe and buff with a silicone-based product will add moisture to the rubber, and protect from the elements - it’s a bit like sunscreen for your boots.


Our boots are designed to be a fashionable lifestyle boot; they are not designed to be a work or safety boot and do not have any safety or non-slip accreditations. 

As such, the rubber tread may be slippery on particular surfaces, for example, polished concrete, ice, and wet wood - so please take care. 

We get a lot of customers wearing our wellies in the snow as our boots have been tested for sub-zero temperatures. If you are heading to the alpine regions this winter, we recommend using ice grips for extra traction.  

If something does happen to your boots that you think might be our manufacturing fault, we want to hear about it. Please contact us at

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