How to Clean Kids Boots

How to Clean Kids Boots


Children will never miss the opportunity to jump in a puddle or play hide and seek outside! Kids are too busy being cute to worry about cleanliness and having fun is their top priority, so the maintenance and cleaning of their boots is left to parents. Regular cleaning will not only make kids wellies look great, but will also extend the comfort and life of the boots. Not sure how to go about keeping kids boots clean? We've got you covered!

How to Clean the Exterior Part of Wellies

When cleaning, start with the exterior area where mud accumulates. Use a medium bristle brush to clean all the dried mud, including what’s in the treads.

Soak a piece of cloth in warm water and wipe the whole boot. Always start at the top and move downwards so that you don't spread dirt from dirtier areas to cleaner ones. Mix one teaspoonful of dishwashing detergent with one litre of water and repeat the first process, leaving the sole untouched. Then, use a toothbrush to clean the sole's bottom by dipping the brush in the soap solution and giving them a good scrub.

Lastly, use a rag and plain water to wipe the boot downwards to remove any soap residue – this should also get rid of the white film known as blooming. If this doesn't help, you can use silicon or a commercial spray to return the boot's original appearance. Rinse your soles well after applying vinegar, sprays, or detergent to avoid later slipping on wet surfaces.

We offer a Merry People Care Kit, which includes a silicone cleaning spray, a microfibre cloth and a brush to help keep their little boots clean and shiny!

How to Clean the Interior Part of Wellies

Mix a non-biological soap liquid in warm water, then soak a cloth in the solution and run it all over the interior. Repeat this process with plain water.

To address smells accumulating in your boots, mix equal amounts of hot water and white vinegar and wipe the inside. You can also put three tablespoons of baking powder in the boot and shake, and leave it overnight to deal with the smell – just make sure to clear out the boot before it’s worn!

Rain Boots for Kids

Rain boots are essential footwear for kids because they protect their little feet from cold, water, and mud in all kinds of weather! As a parent, it's good know how to choose the right rain boots for your kids to ensure they are comfortable and stay on properly. Kids' rain boots should not be too big, as this will allow their feet to slip inside, causing blisters. The perfect boot size should be just big enough to allow space when worn with thick socks – be sure to bring a pair along whenever your little one is trying on some wellies.

By choosing the best pair of Merry People wellies for your little one and taking all the proper steps to keep them clean and taken care of, your kiddo’s feet will always be warm and dry, no matter the conditions!

Looking for tricks on how a kid should wear their rain boots? Take a look at our recent post.

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