How Should Kids Wear Rain Boots?

How Should Kids Wear Rain Boots?

Staying indoors with a wild kiddo can take a lot of energy! However if you have the right clothing and footwear on hand, you can take them out on a stroll during a rainy or snowy day. Apart from a raincoat and an umbrella, essential footwear in your kid's wardrobe is: the perfect wellies. Regardless of the weather conditions, kids love wearing rain boots because they offer a fun change from their normal footwear and offer them an opportunity to play in mud and puddles! Knowing 
how to wear the best kids' Wellington boots is important so you and your little one can be ready when preparing to go out on a cold or rainy day.

Ideas for Kids’ Boots

To ensure comfort for your kids, their boots should:

  • Have the appropriate width and length
  • Fit comfortably around thick socks
  • Have even soles
  • Have fasteners that prevent unnecessary movement
  • Be easy to slip on and off

Avoid Insulated Rain Boots

If your kids already have insulated rain boots, they should have rain pants to prevent water from entering inside the boot. Otherwise, get non-insulated boots and wear thick socks with them to make cleaning and maintenance easier.

Wear Socks

Wearing boots barefooted is not recommended because sweat will accumulate in the boot. Not only can this leave a lingering smell, blisters may develop on your kid's feet because of sliding. If your child doesn't love socks, try giving them socks with fun or interesting patterns. 

Dry Before Storing

Ensure your boots are completely dry before putting them away. If kept wet, mould can grow inside the lining or on the soles. Remove the insoles and put newspapers or towels inside to help them dry thoroughly.

Use Vinegar or Baking Soda

If your kid's rain boots don't dry properly, they can start to produce a bad smell. Here's how you can deal with this: Vinegar as an antimicrobial cleaner is good for the boots as it can't damage them like bleach. Mix equal parts vinegar and water, pour it inside the boot, and allow it to dry. Another alternative is baking soda—sprinkle it inside the boot and leave it overnight. Just remember to empty it out before your kiddo wears them!

How to Clean Kids’ Boots

Kids’ boots easily get dirty, but there are several ways you can extend their longevity and keep them looking like new. You should also know how to clean kids' boots because children are susceptible to pollutants or dirt that’s bound to build up after venturing outside. 

The material used to manufacture the boots determines how to clean them. For example, rubber boots are rinsed with water to keep the outside clean. To clean inside, use a detergent or a mixture of water and vinegar; immerse a cloth in the solution and gently rub throughout the interior part of the boot. For suede boots, do not use water to clean them, as they can be easily damaged; you can purchase suede cleaners that will clean your boots without damaging them. You should wash boots whenever they get dirty, but deep cleaning can occur every few months if your kid doesn't wear them regularly. 

Kids' feet grow quickly, so it’s smart to measure your children’s feet every two months to make sure they haven’t outgrown their boots. Measure their feet while they’re standing, and measure both the left and right foot, and don’t forget to try on wellies while wearing thick socks for the best fit. The best kids' Wellington boots should be easy to put on and take off and come in various designs, colours, and patterns that can be fun for kids to wear. 

Don’t let the rain spoil your child's joy—find the best footwear to allow them to climb, jump, and run around in puddles while their feet stay warm and dry - we’ve got you covered at Merry People!

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