What Size Wellies Should I Buy? A Guide for Buying Wellies

What Size Wellies Should I Buy? - Merry People UK

Wellie boots are a staple in outdoor dog walking, gardening, commuting, and rainy day school runs. But how should wellies fit so that your adventures are most enjoyable?

If you're wondering what size Wellington's you should buy and which options are best suited to your lifestyle, this guide will leave you a wellie boot pro!

A Guide for Buying The Perfect Size of Wellies for Your Feet

The best wellington boots provide a comfy, weatherproof cushion to protect your toes from cold mud and water.

Piling on many pairs of socks for extra warmth means you might be used to sizing up—but there's a far better alternative that won't leave you with clammy feet!

Our innovative outdoor Welly boots have a flexible, neoprene lining that is effective even in shocking sub-zero temperatures, so let's start buying boots true to size and ditching the unnecessary laundry.

Another complication is that different brands use different size charts, so it's not always apparent whether a size ten translates from one label to another!

We combat the confusion with precise innersole measurements in centimetres, so you know what size you're getting exactly when you buy Wellies. 

Buying Kids’ Shoe Sizes For Outdoor Wellies

Next, let's talk about accurate sizing for wellingtons, especially for kids.

Children's wellies need to perform just as well as their adult counterparts. In some cases, wellies need to work even better!

Growing feet need support and stability to stay safe, with great tread to avoid slips on unsteady legs.

Pinching wellies, sore ankles, and achy toes won't help kiddos feel more confident in the outdoors.

A massive fifty-six percent of UK parents buy shoes without measuring their kids’ feet, and about twenty-nine percent of kids wear the wrong size footwear, so it's time to get the measuring tape out if you've become accustomed to discomfort.

Check out the size chart on all Merry People kids’ boots, and you'll find comparable sizes in Australian, European, US, and UK sizing, with a cm measurement if you're unsure.

Give your kids' feet a quick measure, and you'll take all the guesswork out of finding the right fit.

Buying the Correct Boot Size For Adult Wellies

The same detailed size charts are shown on each of our adult boots, with size conversions specific to men and women—because we recognise that feet are not all built to a universal standard!

If you usually buy shoes in a half size, we typically suggest sizing down.

With our Merry People wellies you won't need to stuff your socks or wear extra layers, so you don't need to size up as you might elsewhere.

Adults that have been buying shoes in the same size forever might be surprised at their actual footwear size. We never think to check, although our clothing sizes might change multiple times!

As a guide when you style and buy Wellies:

  • The inner sole of your Merry People wellies should be about the same length as your foot.
  • Feel a little tight? Wear them around for a while, and the liner will become much softer. It's just the neoprene lining getting used to the shape of your toes. Tip - take out the innersoles while wearing in for extra room.
  • Buy true to size with your standard shoe size—but take the time to measure just in case.

Removable insoles are a great style feature, adding arch support to avoid any pain, but you can remove these to adjust your boots by half a size - or replace them with an orthotic insert of your choosing.

Find and Shop for Wellies With Accurate Calf Sizing

Another common hurdle for outdoor explorers is that high-profile wellies, while perfect for muddy or water-logged walking, need to fit right on your calf as well as your foot.

The Darcy Mid-Calf Wellie was explicitly designed for this purpose, with a longer height to protect your shins from splashes.

We've built a handy little gusset on the back of the boot, which you can adjust from narrow to wide, making it a versatile wellie boot that will fit any calf!

It's highly advisable to avoid wearing higher wellies that squeeze your legs.

They're not comfortable to walk in and can cause real issues with your health if you spend a great deal of time on your feet due to the restriction on your blood circulation reaching your toes.

Baggy wellies are also not a good call since water ingress and droplets will quickly make their way inside your boots, so have a play with the strap and select an optimal size for you. When you buy Wellies, you will want to ensure that you have the right size that isn't too big or too small. 

The best fit is snug but not tight, so your wellies don't limit your leg movement or prevent bending, but are flush with your trousers so water and spray can't get inside. 

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