How Should Wellies Fit?

How Should Wellies Fit? - Merry People UK

If you've ever been for a walk and found your feet covered in sore spots and blisters, you'll know how important it is to understand how wellies should fit!

Traditional wellies are notorious for being among the least comfy footwear possible. Happily, those days are long gone!

Merry People reimagines reliable, trusty wellingtons and creates contemporary styles and the best ladies' wellies for dog walking, through the use of superior materials and an actual eye for detail.

Wondering what size wellies you should buy? Each of our super-cool boots comes with a size guide and tips for those pesky half sizes!

The Right Fit For A Pair Of Great Wellies

Maybe you've never thought about finding boots with a decent fit. Perhaps you assume they're all rigid, rugged shoes that are unbearable without a wellie sock. Well, think again! You can find the proper wellies for any occasion by understanding how to size your boot. 

High-profile wellie boots need to fit on your calf and your foot.

It's no good having a generic size pair of wellies that squeeze into your legs as if there’s no tomorrow.

We solve the problem with the simplest solution—an adjustable gusset on the back of our mid-calf wellies so you can buy your standard shoe size and tighten or loosen the leg as required. Sorted!

If you're trying on outdoor boots for the first time, we'd suggest:

  • Trying them on with socks—whichever style you usually wear when outdoors. Thick boot socks can bulk up your shoe size, however, you are best to get your regular size as the natural rubber will soften with wear. 
  • Making sure to adjust the calf straps (not a problem on classic Bobbi style ankle boots!). You want your wellies to be snug on your calves but never too tight or restrictive.
  • Choosing your boot height with care. Many people find full-length wellies uncomfortable, so a shorter style allows for much freer movement; Merry People, of course, stocks both!

Most wellies aren't much of a style statement, but it's still advisable to wear them around the house. The rubber will start moulding to your feet, and you'll get used to them before you set out on a trek.

Luckily, a slick pair of Merry People wellies are incredible boots that look amazing in any setting, so you won't need to dodge visitors while you wear your wellies in for the day!

How To Choose The Best Wellies

Much depends on how you use your wellies. Working boots for heavy outdoor usage should generally be mid-calf or full-length if you expect to be in deep water or enduring heavy splashes.

An ankle wellie transitions from walk to work seamlessly for dog walks, gardening, and commutes, and you won't need to lug around spare shoes to look the professional part!

Warmth is also a key consideration.

It's great having a fully waterproof pair of boots, but in the winter, chill can quickly set in and do severe damage to your delicate toes.

We incorporate technologically advanced neoprene linings with soles tested to sub-zero temperatures, so we know your feet are protected even in an arctic blast.

Printed Vs. Block Colour Wellie Boots

Bright colours and decadent prints are a fantastic way to add a dash of energy to your walking outfits!

Plain colours, such as foresty greens and earthy brown tones, remain a favourite, but we're proud to have a vast range of designs to please even the most outgoing wellie wearer.

If you spend lots of time in the rain, a bold jacket and a cheery pair of boots can do wonders for your mood—and we bet you'll get a ton of compliments!

How To Clean Wellies To Retain Their Shape

There's little worse than buying a quality item of clothing or footwear and finding they never look quite the same after the first wash (we've all been there!).

Merry People wellies are for real people in real-life scenarios, so we've created boots that are as easy to care for as possible.

Cleaning isn't the most exciting part of an outdoor lifestyle, but it's well worth putting a bit of time into keeping your wellies in excellent condition to get the best possible value for money.

While you don't have to hose your wellies after every wear, they'll look fresher if you spray or hose down any excess mud.

A quick wash with warm water or everyday dish soap will get rid of grime or oil residues, and you can apply a little olive oil or a protective silicone spray to enhance the look of the natural rubber.

Once clean, pop some newspaper inside your wellies, and leave them upside down until they're thoroughly dry. Then just pop them back on, and you're good to go!

Final Thoughts

We’re sure we can help you find the right wellie with the right fit, no matter if you are looking for a comfortable but tough wellie or a fun pop of colour to wear into the garden. Check out our collection to find a boot that will have you stepping out in style!

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