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Stories of Merry People: Adventure Off The Beaten Path With Artist Marcus James

Stories of Merry People: Adventure Off The Beaten Path With Artist Marcus James
Welcome to "Stories of Merry People", where we chat with creatives, artists and makers about their lives of adventure and merriness. We've been creating this series for a while now, and it is one of our absolute favourite things!
​​Up next in our series is Marcus James, London-based creative, outdoor-lover, and avid runner. Marcus has both breadth and depth to his artistic career; from studying at the Royal College of Arts, working in fashion collaborations with Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent, to building a body of work on the theme theme of exploring specific natural and cultural phenomena, and our relationship to the environment.
Wearing his well-loved Black Bobbi Boots, Marcus takes us for an adventure on what makes him merry as he explores some little-known parts of London - read our interview with Marcus below!

Tell us a little about your business and what you do!
I am an artist based in London. My work currently consists of large semi abstract, intricate drawing.

9 original pieces of artwork. Oil pastel on paper.
Merriness! For us, it's dancing in the rain and splashing carefree in puddles. What does it mean to you?
Merriness for me is a state of no stress.

Slowing down and switching off. What peaceful routines bring you joy?
Running is the way that I switch off. Especially if it is trail running in a new spot.
What's your style motto?
Function and sportswear inspired is how I would describe my style.

Marcus pairs his Bobbi Boots with an all-black outfit for a monochrome look.
What's coming up for you this year?
I am currently working on an exhibition exploring the effects on landscapes of climate change. This year I will be visiting locations of glacial extinctions and producing drawings, and sculptures as a response.
Marcus' upcoming work is a series exploring glacial extinction and the effect of climate change on our lives.
When you’re not amidst the intricate details of your artwork, where do you love to explore in your area?
I like to explore different parts of the London that you wouldn't normally see. For example, the southside river walk from Greenwich heading east through the industrial areas of Woolwich, or the city when it is deserted on a Sunday morning.

I also like Epping forest which is right on my doorstep!
Quick fire...

What do you love about your Bobbi Boots?

They are really practical; you can wear them on a trail and then you can get away with wearing them for the rest of the day.

Who would you take with you on a merry adventure?

Old friends! New adventures are fun with old friends.

What are your favourite colours to pair with your Bobbi Boots?

Black, black and black!

Thanks for chatting with us Marcus! Keep up with Marcus' artistic adventures on Instagram, or take a closer look at his upcoming work.

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