Best Wellies for Festivals

Best Wellies for Festivals

Best Wellies for Festivals

Everyone knows that iconic photo of Kate Moss in 2005 walking the Glastonbury grounds in her muddy Wellies. It caused a ripple in festival fashion, with the best Wellington boots becoming the go-to for outdoor music gatherings—a style that continues even up to today. In the 2000s, the classic under-the-knee pair dominated the scene, but with more brands picking up the trend, festival goers became spoilt with choices. You can now get them in bright colours, loud designs, and various lengths; there’s a pair for any type of style and personality.

You can get some of the best Wellies for festivals from Merry People. With our easy-to-style Bobbi ankle boots, sophisticated Darcy mid-calf boots, and laid-back Billie clogs, you’re set to rock a stylish but practical festival ensemble!

Why Wear Wellies to a Festival?

Wellingtons blend fashion and function, which is why people love them as outdoor festival footwear. Here are some reasons why you should wear wellies to your next event:


Wellies are built with comfort in mind, which makes them ideal when you need to walk, stand or dance for extended hours at a festival (this is also why they make some of the best dog walking boots!). Though some people worry about the possible inconvenience of chafing, you can easily prevent this by wearing proper socks.


Their rubber material and grippy soles make Wellingtons great when you’re walking on slippery and muddy surfaces. Even when your boots get buried in the dirt, your feet will stay clean and dry! Wellingtons also have the advantage of being very easy to maintain; you can simply rinse them down, and you’ve got a shiny pair again!


Wellies come in a variety of colours, designs, styles, and lengths. And each one is versatile enough to pair with all kinds of outfits, whether you’re wearing a dainty dress or a rocker top-and-bottoms combo.


Wellingtons are more affordable than many other pairs of shoes, making them a cost-effective option for people who are looking to get the most out of their buck.

Best Festival Wellies From Merry People

Merry People is an Australian brand making fun waterproof footwear in hopes that they’ll enable people to go outside and do what they love whatever the weather—and that includes having the best festival experience. Here are some of our best festival Wellies:

Bobbi Ankle Boots

Merry People’s famous Bobbi ankle boots are a crowd-favourite, with over 7,000 five-star reviews. Made with quality natural rubber and a flexible Neoprene lining, they’re perfect for all-day wear, so they’ll keep you going as you go from one act to the next. They’re available in a wide range of sizes and come in several colours to fit your style. Being ankle-length, they’re also more versatile to style.

Darcy Mid-Calf Boots

The Darcy mid-calf boots are reminiscent of the classic Wellington boots. They offer a taller silhouette and an enhanced traction sole, which makes them better for extra muddy festival days. For those worried about calf size, the boots have an adjustable gusset on the back to ensure a cosy fit.

Billie Clogs

The Billie clogs are slip-ons, so they’re a more laid-back alternative to the Bobbi and Darcy boots. They provide the same functionalities as the latter two, but are often more convenient to wear and can be a better option for less muddy days on the festival grounds.

How to Style Wellies for a Festival

Channel your inner Kate Moss with these style tips for wearing festival Wellies:

Play with Colours

You can mix and match colours with your Wellies. Go with neutral boots paired with loud colours or bright boots matched with monotone clothes–you can also coordinate your outfit to fit the hues that stand out.

Go Beyond Skinny

Wellies are best worn with tight pants—but that’s just the rule for under-the-knee pairs. If you’re going with ankle Wellingtons or clogs, then you can also wear looser jeans, dresses or even flared bottoms.

Soften It With a Dress

Wellies have a sharper, bulky shape, but you can soften this with a skirt or a dress, or maybe even another dainty ensemble (think florals) altogether.

Show Some Leg

Don’t be afraid to show some leg! Pair your Wellies with some short–a la Kate Moss–or a grungy skirt. Don’t forget to wear socks or, for extra style points, consider wearing them with thick tights!

Get Ready for Your Next Festival With Merry People

Festivals are here again. Be ready for worthwhile days under the sun and in the mud with the best festival Wellies from Merry People. Order your next pair in a bold colour that matches your style today!

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