Best Dog Walking Boots

Best Dog Walking Boots

Best Dog Walking Boots

Walking dogs isn’t always a stroll in the park - there are times when our pets get too excited or too rough, and it might be easy to lose your footing in bad weather. The best way to protect yourself from unexpected mishaps is to be prepared; one way to do that is by wearing ankle Wellington boots.

A good pair of dog walking boots will give you the comfort and support you need for long walks while providing necessary functionalities like waterproofness, grip, and traction. Some of the best Wellies by Merry People are great for walking your dogs, including the Bobbi ankle boots, the Darcy mid-calf boots, and the Billie clogs.

What to Look For in Dog Walking Boots

The best dog walking boots will be easy to wear and comfortable on your feet. They should be waterproof, with a good grip and traction to avoid slipping (especially if you have active dogs that pull). Of course, you’ll also want something durable that won’t break in the middle of your stroll–here are some things to look for when buying Wellies for dog walking:


Find dog walking boots that are breathable—that don’t feel like they’re suffocating your feet. You’ll want something light but soft that won’t feel uncomfortable even after walking a long distance. 

Ease of Wear

Look for dog walking boots that are easy to take on and off. Your dogs will love it when they don’t have to wait for you to lace up for another ten minutes before you can go out the door.


If you’re walking your dogs on outdoor paths or during rainy days, you’ll likely encounter puddles and other wet spots along your stroll. Opt for waterproof dog walking boots, like a reliable pair of Wellingtons, for this purpose.

Grip and Traction

People walk on different paths while walking their dogs, so your shoes must be suited for any type of surface. Find a pair with good grip and traction—you wouldn’t want to slip mid-walk or, worse, get dragged when your dog decides to chase a squirrel!


The best dog walking boots will last you a long time with proper cleaning and maintenance. Search for something durable so that you never have to worry about your shoes breaking or falling apart while you’re having some quality time with your pet.

The Best Dog Walking Boots From Merry People

Dog walking boots are all about function, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style to get the best ones. Here are some of the best fashionable yet functional Wellies from Merry People that you can use for dog walking:

Bobbi Ankle Boots

Made with quality natural rubber and a flexible Neoprene lining, the Bobbi ankle boots blend fashion and function. They’re perfect for all-day wear, especially on rainy or muddy days, making them ideal even for walking dogs. They’re available in a wide range of sizes to fit everyone and come in several colours to make sure that you and your dog stroll in style!

Darcy Mid-Calf Boots

The Darcy mid-calf boots are a step up from the Bobbi gumboot. Their taller silhouette and enhanced traction sole give it extra functionality in wet and muddy conditions. They are suitable for different calf sizes and even come with an adjustable gusset on the back. Also available in fashionable colours, these boots are versatile; you can wear them straight from dog-walking to the store to a casual hang-out with friends in a pinch–they’ll even work as some of the best Wellies for festivals!

Billie Clogs

The Billie clogs are a more laid-back alternative to the Bobbi and Darcy boots. They’re still very comfortable and provide the same functionalities you’d want in a great pair, such as waterproofness, traction, and comfort. As slip-ons, though, they work best as dog walking shoes for people who bring their dogs out to parks and quiet streets.

Get Your Dog Walking Boots From Merry People Today

Walk your dogs in style with beautiful yet practical boots from Merry People. Choose between the crowd-favourite Bobbi ankle boots, the extra functional Darcy mid-calf boots, or the easy-to-wear Billie clogs for a comfortable stroll out with your pet. Besides their functionality, Merry People boots offer sophistication, so you can always take your strides with confidence! Shop online for your next pair today.

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