How to Wear Ankle Wellies: A Style Guide for Ankle Wellington Boots

How to Wear Ankle Wellies: A Style Guide for Ankle Wellington Boots

Wellington Boots: How to Wear Ankle Wellies

Style and Wear Wellies

Wellies, formally known as Wellington boots, are a must-have in any shoe closet. Wellies are great for almost anything, from a casual walk outdoors to a muddy adventure in the woods–they’re also some of the best dog walking boots. While the long Wellies will always remain a classic, ankle Wellington boots are a stylish and functional alternative that’s catching the eyes of fashion-forward wearers. Here’s everything you need to know about wearing and styling your ankle-length Wellies.

What Are Wellies For?

Originally designed for the Duke of Wellington in the 19th century, Wellingtons are practical rubber boots that provide the feet with comfortable protection during wet, muddy, or dirty days. That said, Welly boots have also evolved into a type of fashionable shoes that anyone looking for cosy shoes can wear in the winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Regular Wellies Versus Ankle Wellies

Wellies typically come in varieties that go up to the calf, giving wearers maximum protection outdoors. Ankle-length Wellies only go up to the ankle for a more stylish and versatile look—while still being sensible. They’re particularly great for people who want a more convenient way to don, carry, or store their Wellies and those who have a hard time finding boots that fit their calves. Wellies are also easy shoes to slip on and off, making them great for a variety of occasions.

When to Wear Wellies

You can wear ankle Wellies anywhere you would regular Wellington boots. Wellies are best on rainy days or when you’re outdoors somewhere muddy, but they’re also great during casual outings, like when you go out to shop. Wellies can also be worn during any season of the year. Whether it's a snowy winter day or a sunny day in the summer, your Wellies can be worn with any outfit and accessories.

During Rainy Days

Because of their rubber make-up, Wellies are waterproof. They’re great to wear on rainy days and in winter snow to keep your feet dry and comfy—even when you’re walking on sidewalks filled with puddles! Wellies are the perfect rain boots that can be worn year around. 

Outdoor Activities

Ankle-length Wellies are great to slip on when you’re spending time outdoors or need to do some dirty work. You may wear Welly boots while finishing chores outside (people particularly love them during gardening) or doing outdoor recreation activities like fishing or leisure hiking. Wellies are also great shoes to put on during outdoor music festivals!

Casual Outings

Wellies are as modish as they are functional. Paired with a great outfit, you can wear Wellies on casual outings, too, like when you’re out shopping or hanging out with friends. Wellies can also be worn with a dress on nicer occasions.

How to Style Ankle Wellies

Are you wondering how to wear Wellies? Here are ideas for styling and wearing Wellies.

Proudly show off your ankle Wellies by following these fun style tips!

Match With Coordinated Colours

Neutral-coloured ankle Wellies will go well with anything, just like a pair of classic black boots. But if you have a louder pair of Wellies, you may have to be more meticulous when wearing them. Match your Welly boots with subtler palettes or opt for coordinated colours for a put-together look.

Style With Any Bottom

Regular Wellies look best with slim pants, dresses, and shorts or skirts. Ankle-length Wellies, on the other hand, are more versatile. You can style your Wellies with any bottoms–even baggier ones or a dress.

Pair With Socks

Pair your ankle Wellies with some fun socks up to your ankles or coloured tights for a more fashionable outfit. This is a great option if you have neutral-coloured ankle Wellies and want to inject a little bit more playfulness into your ensemble.

Tips for Buying Wellies

The right pair of ankle Wellies is a valuable addition to your shoe closet, so it’s important to choose one in the right colour, size, and style. Here are some tips for when you shop for your Wellies:

Pick the Right Colour

Neutral-coloured ankle Wellies are a safe choice if you’re expecting to wear your Welly boots on numerous occasions or if you’re really buying them for the function. Wellies are easy to pair and they offer zero fuss, and you can use them even on semi-formal events. But if you’re looking to make a bolder fashion statement, you can also opt for wearing bright ankle-length Wellies. 

Opt for a Comfy Size

You wouldn’t want to buy Wellies in the wrong size. Smaller Wellies will pinch your feet, while larger Wellies will make them difficult to wear. Try on the pair of Wellies you want (or measure sizes correctly when you’re looking online), and find a size that you can comfortably move in.

Break Them In

The natural rubber material of Wellies will mould to your feet with wear. You can break your Wellies in by bending them a couple of times before wearing or using them with thick socks on the first few occasions wearing them.

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