Weekend Edition | 11 April 2019

Weekend Edition | 11 April 2019 - Merry People US
From camp sites to the morning commute – show off your personality with Merry People gumboots

When you think of gumboots, what do you see? Most of us associate gumboots with functional, bland-coloured footwear, reserved purely for camping or farming. Merry People is revolutionising this outlook with its super cute range of lifestyle boots that encourage wearers to experience the great outdoors in style. These boots are sure to make your adventure wardrobe a whole lot better.

Merry People’s range is designed to suit all tastes – whether you prefer monochromatic black tones (always handy) or a striking dash of cobalt blue to brighten up your wardrobe. These gumboots currently come in two styles, the Bobbi and the Rosey, so you can choose between a shorter, sturdier boot or a more fashion-focused style. Whichever style you go for, you’re sure to turn heads.

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