Meet Me At Mikes | 28 July 2019

Meet Me At Mikes | 28 July 2019 - Merry People US
Nice Stuff For Good People #004

How about we talk about some nice stuff? Just in case you fancy snapping something up for yourself or a good friend / dear family member? Let’s do that!

We’re veering from winter to summer back to winter, but bear with me. I’m obsessed with gumboots. I’m not sure why. I think it’s that they are a) comfortingly nostalgic b) not (usually) hard to slop on if you need to go out into the muddy garden to throw a ball to your dog. These ones are ace, right? I’m very into them and would like to slosh along a wintry, sleepy beach town road in them, looking for wombat holes and similar. They are by Melbourne’s own Merry People.

See the full list. 

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