Fashion Journal | 09 June 2016

Fashion Journal | 09 June 2016 - Merry People US
Merry People has just launched a line of super nice raincoats.

Merry People has totally got our backs this winter.

Already, the rainwear label has provided us with a collection of slick gumboots to keep the water at bay (on even the wettest of days). Now, the rainwear range has extended to raincoats.

And FYI, unlike the PVC coat you’re probably envisioning right now, these raincoats are made to wear in public.

The waterproof jacket resembles more of a cool trench than a classic raincoat. Lined with buttons down the front and a detachable hood, the trench is available in both beige and navy. And if you’re looking to stay extra dry, you can grab yourself a matching rain hat. 

Best of all, these beauties are ethically made too.

Rainy days have just gotten a whole lot less gloomy. 

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