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Perfect your Mum & Me Style with Matching Merry People Gumboots

Here at Merry People, we believe wellington boots are the perfect everyday boot for boys and girls of all ages. Whether you are a toddler jumping in puddles for the first time, a child going camping and exploring new forests, or an adult just in need of a comfortable pair of wellies for gardening, our Bobbi boots are designed to be a timeless product for everyone.

With that ethos in mind, we designed our kid's wellies to match our adult ankle wellies.  Besides a whole raft of technical benefits (more below!), this also allows for our merry mums (and dads!) to have some extra fun mum and me outfits! Many kiddos are independent thinkers and don’t always want to twin with mum, but our perfect everyday boots make it easy to slip in some regular matching fashion without being too over the top. 

What makes them so excellent for everyday use? Well, our unisex kid's wellies are built with the same versatility and durability as our best-selling adult Bobbi boot.  Designed for both men and women (or girls and boys!), our kid's wellies and adult wellies are built with a natural rubber outer and fully waterproof for all rainy day adventures. Furthermore, as a natural material, the rubber also keeps the boot flexible and allows it to bend and move with you - from squatting down to planting seeds in the garden or climbing trees in the backyard. Curious about the many benefits of natural rubber? Read More: What Are Wellies Made Of?

All our Bobbi Wellington Boots are also fully lined with 4mm of neoprene (aka wetsuit material). This cushiony lining makes our boots soft and cosy for all-day wear. It also provides another layer of insulation and warmth for wet wintery days. Both styles come with pull tabs to easily slip on and off -- so your mini-me can put their shoes on at the same time as you! 

From Mother’s Day to mums birthday, there is no time like the present to celebrate the amazing mum and me style of our community!  From the beach to the garden and everywhere in between, you and your little pal can stay comfortably dry and stylish together with matching Merry People wellington boots! Keep scrolling for some fashionable inspiration featuring our versatile everyday Bobbi boot.

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We love this candid shot of our founder Dani’s sister Michelle and her daughter during one of our Merry People photoshoots! While they are wearing different colours, the timeless Chelsea boot design unifies their look. And it is just super cute! 

mother holding daughter wearing green and pink boots


Our Bobbi kids gumboot in Alpine Green is perfect for exploring the countryside with mum in her matching Bobbi Beetroot & Light Pink Wellington Boots.


Shop Bobbi Beetroot & Light Pink Wellington Boots

Joyce from TOT Hot or Not is looking stylish with her son over the school holidays!


Shop Bobbi Mustard Yellow & Black Wellington Boots

As is D’arne with her daughter as they wear their Bobbi Alpine Green & Black and Bobbi Kids Mustard Yellow!  



Shop Bobbi Alpine Green & Black Wellington Boots

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Fashionable autumn styling with mum with Bobbi Kids Gumboot in Mustard Yellow! 


For an autumn day of playing at the beach, our matching adult rain boots and kids' gumboots are excellent to keep you dry and warm 

mother playing with her daughter

mother and her daughters on the beach


They will also keep you cosy during urban explorations and daily walks with mum over winter! 

mother carrying daughter wearing dresses and green boots

adult and kids mustard boots


Perfectly captioned “rainy day adventures”, Dad and his mini-me are ready to cycle and explore! 


Mum and me style is timeless and not just for kids! We absolutely love this photo of Anna and her mom in their matching adult rain boots!


We love this little merry person helping her mum pick out the perfect pair of Merry People Bobbi boots at our stockist Goldfinch in Pambula, Australia!  


Do you like to incorporate matching mum and me style into your look? Tag us on socials @merrypeople #merrypeople for a chance to be featured! 

Stay Merry everyone! Xx 


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