How to style the Billie Clog with Styled by Sally!

How to style the Billie Clog with Styled by Sally!

The Billie Clog, oh how we love you! You're the easiest shoe to just slip-on and off and are our absolute go to for a "throw on" option that looks great.

But how do you style them? We hear you ask. Well @styledbysally, a Melbourne based stylist, is here to give you all the tips you need for wearing the new Billie Clog!

So sit back, relax and keep reading for styling tips for every occasion. 

Wearing them with trousers or jeans
Add a pop of colour or stick to classic black with your fave jeans for a relaxed, comfortable look. A cropped jean that exposes the ankle bone is a great length to style back with the Billie Clog. Not only will this show off your fabulous clogs, exposing the ankle bone makes your legs look longer and creates a flattering space between jean and shoe. It also means you can add a fun sock to your look! Compliment the colour of your clogs with a patterned sock in the cooler months.
Pairing them with dresses or skirts
The Billie Clog also works well with your casual dresses and skirts. The style of skirt or dress is important - keep them on the casual side. Think floaty A-line midi or maxi skirts in fabrics like cotton and linen or a mini denim skirt. To help balance the clog, ensure you keep the length above your shoes - show a bit of skin!

Pairing the clog with socks
Make a real statement with your Billie Clogs and extend their use throughout the seasons by adding some socks. I love the idea of working with the colour of your clog by choosing some socks that ‘highlight’ and bring the focus to the clogs. This could be a fun patterned sock or a contrasting colour. It will not only keep your feet and heels warm, it instantly turns your clogs into boots!
Style with socks for cooler days
Where you can wear them
The Billie Clog is a great option for your commute to many of life’s everyday activities. Keep your feet dry and comfortable on your commute to the office, then kick them off under your desk for your ‘work shoes’ for your first meeting of the day. Slip into your Billie Clogs for the commute to the gym, your pilates class or your weekly netball match. 
Style the Billie Clog for work
Make your clog the statement piece of your outfit
The Billie Clog can also be your everyday statement, comfy shoe. Team your favourite Merry People colour with a basic pair of blue jeans and a tee and you have yourself a fun, unique look that will stand out from the crowd. 

Opt for a more neutral option
And if colour isn’t your thing, the Billie Clog is available in black which is a perfect update to your summer slides. Just think of them as your favourite winter black boots, but more transeasonal!
Pair with jeans!

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