8 Easy Ways to Make Indoor Camping More Fun

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How to Bring the Outdoors Inside and Make Indoor Camping More Fun!

Indoor camping is a great year-round and weatherproof way to bring the outdoors inside. Suitable for all ages, it is both a great way to spice up date night and a fun activity for kids during school holidays.  But don't just toss a tent in the living room! With a little effort, you can easily create a warm and inviting campsite that still feels connected to nature. 

To get you started and inspired, we've done the Pinterest research and home testing, and curated our list of easy ways to elevate the indoor campsite.  We've also included some easy recipes to keep you satiated and minimize the mess. 

If you don’t have a tent or the space (or energy!) to set one up, then with a bit of DIY creativity, you can recreate the magic with a sheet and a rope.  Check out this video for instructions on how to make a great sheet fort. 



Set the magical mood by stringing fairy lights around your tent and the room to recreate a starry twinkle. 

(Photo from Pinterest)  



Place your indoor houseplants around the tent to block off the views of furniture and feel a bit more in the outside.  




Take advantage of your wi-fi by streaming a campfire, the night sky, or ocean sounds from your TV.

(photo via Pinterest)



Being inside means you can listen to podcasts, watch adventure movies, or play any game that you have on hand.



Many campsites don’t allow pets, but not this one! 



After a camp-friendly drink?  Our friends at Ladies and the Camp have done the oh-so-hard work of crafting some amazing Camping Cocktails. We highly recommend their Hot Chocolate Campfire Cocktail for winter!

ladies and the camp hot chocolate

(Photo via Ladies and the Camp)



One of the best parts of camping is yum food and fewer dishes.  Here are some of our favorite one-pot recipes to recreate that camp food vibe:

  • Fancy Ramen: This lazy dish got us across the Nullarbor!  We jazzed up our packs of ramen with fresh veggies from the market. Slice up some mushrooms, onion, spinach (or bok choy if you can find), and add some nutrition to a simple dish. -- Katey, Wholesale & Marketing Coordinator
  • Taco Skillet (via REI): eat as is, or add some tortillas for taco night!
  • Pasta Primavera (via Fresh Off the Grid): who doesn't love pasta? 
  • Blueberry Pancakes (via From My Bowl): a good one to prep ahead for easy camping breakfast, or just quick daily pancakes. 

     fresh off the grid pasta primavera

    (Photo from Fresh Off the Grid)


    8. S'MORES

    Not much needs to be said about the deliciousness that its s'mores, but a big perk to being indoors is that you now have access to the pantry and fridge to get creative!

    Some ideas to spice up your s'mores: 

    • Swap Oreos or use fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.  
    • Add a scoop of ice cream into the middle. 
    • Sub chocolate for Rollos or Nutella. 

      (Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash)


      Stay Merry everyone! xx


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