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The Best Wellies for Kids

Suitable for all ages, rain boots are some of the best shoes for toddlers to adults! As many parents know, kids like to play and a few raindrops wont stop them - rather, rain and puddles often inspires them to play harder! I mean, HOW FUN IS MUD??

At Merry People, we are all about helping people do what makes them happy. We want kids to feel confident exploring the natural world, and we want parents to know that their kids' feet will be safe and dry whilst adventuring.  Made with the same technology and functionality as our best-selling adult Bobbi rain boots, plus with some additional grip and tread on the sole, our Bobbi Kids rain boots make it easy for kids of all ages to get outside running, playing, and puddle jumping all day long!   

Keeping the focus on making happy memories, we all know how much kids like being able to get dressed all by themselves. To make it easier, our Bobbi Kids rain boots feature a soft neoprene lining and pull tabs allowing them to slide them on and off with ease.  Cute, fun, sturdy, and hardwearing, the kids gumboots are ready for daily adventures!

And, importantly for mum and dad, our kids' wellies are built to last for boys and girls, making the Merry People kids wellies an ideal hand me down between children.   

With the launch of our newest color of Bobbi Kids Gumboot, Alpine Green & Black, we’ve taken a look back at all the merry memories our community has made in our Kids Gumboot! Durable and versatile, the Merry People Kids Gumboots can be worn from the bush to the beach, to climb trees and build snowmen, to kindy and the playground, everywhere in between!

* * * 

Designed to make it easy to get outside, our Bobbi Kids Gumboot in Alpine Green is perfect for working (and twinning!) on the farm with Mum! (Bonus merry! Pictured here is founder Dani's sister and nephew on a friends farm!) 


A big thank you to one of our Australian customers who shared this photo over chat - it made all of us in the office very merry to see your son having so much fun in his Alpine Green Kids boots! 

 Father and son in Merry People boots

5-Stars - Love them!

Our 15 month old loves his gumboots and always wants to wear them. His favourite thing is gardening with his dad- these gumboots protect his feet while keeping them dry. They are easy to put on and take off, and he's very comfortable wearing and walking in them. - Sarah T (USA)

When on holiday, the Bobbi Kids wellie will carry you from the campsite and through the bush (and maybe finding some fun new bugs in the dirt!)  


5 Stars - These boots are made for walking!

For some reason it never dawned on me that I had to put my 3 year old’s shoes on every morning... all of a sudden I’ve got myself an extra 10 min in the morning cause she’s stoked to put her yellow gumboots on all by herself. She’s also not a huge “walker” and the day we got them we did a 2km hike with her in the new boots and not a single complaint! So in conclusion colourful, comfortable and less time consuming it’s a 10/10 from me. I couldn’t resist so got the matching adult pair and on my first wear I stepped out of the car, walked to the boot, and had already banked a compliment. Thank you Marry People. You’re awesome! I love supporting the little guy and will tell anyone who listens how good they are (and it’s not even winter yet). - Sophie W (Australia) 


Safely (and stylishly!) explore the great outdoors!



Then confidently climb trees all year round with additional grip and sole on the tread of our Bobbi Kids rain boots! 



5-Stars - Bobbi Kids Gumboots!

After purchasing a pair of Bobbi boots for myself and absolutely loving them, I had to buy some for my son. They are super comfortable and so easy to wear. He loves them and they are so practical for every day wear for puddle seeking toddlers. - Kristabel (Australia)

The Bobbi Kids Gumboots are excellent for getting outside for carefree cuddles with the doggos!  


Stay dry and explore in style with our Bobbi Kids Gumboots! Now available in an extended size range suitable for kids ages 1.5 to 13, you will be ready for all adventures. 

Stay Merry everyone! Xx

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